Taking Advantage of Poker Tracking Software

In this article, I will introduce the best features offered by the most commonly used poker tracking software products available on the market.

What is Poker Tracking Software?

Simply put this software will help us to gather information on all of our opponents during the game, without it being necessary to manually collect this data, which can become a difficult task once you start multi-tabling. Although it can be helpful taking player notes whilst using poker software at the same time.

What are the main features offered to help online poker players?

In a nutshell, information about the playing style of an opponent, eg how often the opponent voluntary puts money into the pot (VPIP), how often he raises (PFR), how often he 3bets, how often he cbets, how aggressive the play is of an opponent, etc. This information is provided in an “overlay” on the table and can be found next to each player, commonly referred to as a poker heads-up display (HUD for short), so that you can view the statistics for every opponent at the table quickly and easily.

You can also see information about your own game (to know how other player’s at the table may be perceiving you.) as well as calculation and display of your outs and pot odds. Hand replay functionality with which you can repeat all hands you have previously played on the site.

When using such software, one has to gather enough information on an opponent before they can setup their game to optimally play against them. So you would want at least 30-40 hands on an opponent would be pretty good, before you can start making some assumptions about how you would expect them to play, which would be roughly 1 hour if you were playing against them at a live poker card room.

Tight players have VPIP values below 25%. 25% – 35% is regarded as semi-loose, which means a VPIP of 35+% would suggest the player is loose. At the lower limits, it is not so rare, a players VPIP over 50% to 100% is not uncommon. Other important values are pre-flop raise rate and aggression factor.

You can even determine which values of the villain appear, each poker software interface offers plenty of ways to customize the data and display it.

And in addition to the data it collects about all your opponents, it of course stores all the hands played and collected from your own hands, so that you can view and analyse your own game. The built in poker software analysis programs prepare this data into useful statistics, reports and graphs, so you can analyze your own game in hindsight, recognize your own weaknesses and also being able to recognize how you could have played a hand in a more profitable way.

All of the popular poker trackers such as PT4/HEM2 come bundled with a hand replayer in its software, so you can view hands you’ve played very well once again.

Here’s a detailed list of the different poker tracking and analysis software that any serious online poker players have included in their poker arsenal. Simply follow the links below:

PokerTracker 3 (PT4)
Holdem Manager 2 (HEM2)

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