How And Why You Should Play Freerolls

Playing freerolls enable you to enter online/live poker tournaments with no cash entry fee. Generally speaking, they tend to attract beginner players who are looking to build a poker bankroll for real money games. There have been various poker success stories of players making a big score after getting their start with poker freerolls.

For some players, freerolls provided a way to build a real money bankroll so they could play in bigger games and start making some real money playing a game they really enjoy playing. While other players that eventually turned professional considered freerolls a prerequisite in learning the rules and improving their game, so by the time they started playing real money poker games, they were comfortable getting amongst the action from day one.

Freerolls are a fun and exciting way to get involved in online poker. It allows you the potential to build a real money bankroll from nothing, and to develop an all-round poker game without risking your own money.

With that being said, building a bankroll by playing freeroll tournaments, online or live, isn’t easy by any stretch of the imagination. Since the winner of a freeroll tournament gets to win real money cash prizes and other items of monetary value like tournament tokens to guaranteed tournaments, it attracts thousands of players from around the globe, which all have their sights on the attractive prize pool being offered.

While no deposit poker freeroll tournaments have their place in the online poker world, it would be unwise to ignore all the exclusive freerolls that are offered to new depositors. Those players who have made a first time deposit onto the poker room get to participate in an invitational freeroll for new players which tends to attract fewer players, giving you a better shot at winning.

Don’t get me wrong, even in the no deposit freerolls with larger player fields, if you play well, you will have a decent chance of taking it down, because the level of competition in these tournaments isn’t very strong. You mostly encounter new players that haven’t played a great deal of poker before, so it’s inevitable they’ll have big leaks in their game that you can exploit if you’re playing your A game.

The key thing when playing freeroll tourneys is not to have high expectations. Play them to have fun and to gain a better understanding of the game and as a way to familiarize yourself with the software client. Even though the reputable and major poker sites host plenty of exclusive and daily freerolls with attractive prize pools (usually found in their tournament lobby), they may not necessarily be the fastest way to build a bankroll and to improve your poker game. There is always the possibility of playing a freeroll for hours having final tabled the tournament but still have nothing to show for your efforts.

More than anything else, the important thing is making an effort to improve your game, and generally speaking, you can only do this playing against better players. Freerolls serve a purpose, but if you want to start making significantly more money playing poker, you should fire up the real money Sit & Gos or cash game tables at your preferred online poker room. Once you’ve played enough hands and reached the point where you have a certain amount of confidence in your game, you’ll feel ready to take on some bigger fish with real money on the line.

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