Best Poker Pro Blogs to Follow and Learn

It’s hard to choose the best advice when it comes to poker, especially provided that there are many pros – and sometimes even amateurs – only too willing to share their insights about this challenging game. So, after thoroughly browsing the web we have compiled what we believe to be the best pro blogs and sites that you should definitely follow if you want to learn more about poker, which Phil Hellmuth once defined as being 100% skill and 50% luck.

The top players usually have interesting things to say and, if you don’t believe that, then just turn to Daniel Negreanu’s blog, one of the most famous ones on the web focused in this field. Not often do stars like him have enough time to update their personal space, but in his site you will see quite recent entries that include anecdotic games, info about the latest events he takes part in and also proper poker lessons.

If you take a break from playing at the best online poker sites to learn some more and stay updated, then another blog you should head to is Jonathan Little’s, which includes great info and even live reporting such as that of the current edition of WSOP. Being a professional player (and having won the World Poker Tour twice), he has some great advice based on his experience and is ready to share it with his readers also through an entertaining and informational podcast.

For a more general and less personalized space, visit Poker Practice, where you will be able to find the latest info on all relevant events related to poker, as well as useful pieces revolving around tips, tournaments, the best hands, bluff or odds. You name it, cause this one pretty much covers all subjects related to this game. And going back to sites signed by famous player, another one of our picks is Alec Torrelli’s blog who, in addition to focusing on the tricks and analysis of this sport also provides info such as rituals and routines for having a productive day and so on. Specialized in live high stakes cash games, the web space of this Californian player also has a cool design, which makes it easier to browse and read.

Our last choice includes a coach, someone that many times can provide useful insight if you’re trying to master poker. Jared Tendler coaches a group of close to 450 poker pros, using his experience and knowledge in mental health counselling to help them play at their best. So, as you’d imagine, there is a lot of psychology articles in his blog that are as interesting as they are helpful if you want to improve your game. Two other sites worth mentioning are Rob Vegas Poker, which has been online since 2011, and the “no limit poker blog” Out of Position that has some nicely written entertaining pieces, as well as many video blogs.

So either if you’re looking for a personal insight, a good read or the best advice from a coach, you will find a lot of useful first hand tips and information about poker on the web. The only problem you’ll have is choosing among the best blogs, so we hope our list can help you make your own selection.

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