5 Reasons to Play Poker Satellite Tournaments

Poker satellite tournaments are normal tournaments where the prize is entry into a high level event or a big cash tournament. Satellites are a great way for newer players to try and qualify through to bigger events and they are beneficial for a number of reasons.


Firstly, they are good to play because they are cheap. These poker satellite tournaments quite often have very small buy-in fees which makes them accessible to new players. This means you can start at the base level satellite event and work your way through to a main event where the buy-in could be hundreds of dollars.

Poker Experience

Satellite events are great for your poker experience. You can spend hours playing tournaments against other players which will ultimately improve your game by the time you get to the main event, if you have played good enough poker to qualify. It hardens you to tournament play.

Poker Contacts

Not all professional poker players will simply buy-in to the WSOP Main Event. Some prefer to take the satellite route because it can drastically reduce the amount of cash spent and is, again, good for practice. This means for you as a new player that you will be able to watch and talk to these experienced players and get some tips on how to improve.


Satellite poker tournaments are great because they are genuinely more exciting than some other games you will play with a poker room. Your entry into the next event could go right down to the final hand of a satellite tournament which jacks up the pressure and the nerves. You won’t find anything else like it around.


The rewards can sometimes be huge when it comes to satellite events. You can play satellite tournaments to win your place in a professional tournament which may be in another country. If you win the qualifying satellite event laid on by your poker room, you will be sent to this event with flights, accommodation and spending money provided.

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