Limit Hold’em Poker Game Rules

Limit Hold’em is mostly played in ring game format. This variant of hold’em plays the same as no limit texas hold’em, except for the betting structure. It is locked in increments that are tied to the name of the table. This structure of betting is often referred to as “limit poker” and sometimes “fixed limit” poker.

For example, at a $1-$2 limit table, the increments are $1 for the first two rounds of betting and $2 for the last two rounds. At the $5-$10 table, the bets are $5 each during the first two rounds and $10 each during the last two rounds. The small blind is usually half of the first bet, so at a $5-$10 table, the blinds would be $2 for the small blind and $5 for the big blind.

Betting is usually capped at four bets per round. So at a $2-$4 limit table pre-flop the big blind is $2. You may raise it to $4. I may re-raise it to $6, and someone else may cap the betting at $8. Then we see the flop. The river card at this table would see bets going from $4 to $8 to $12 and finally $16.

It seems pretty simple to understand, and it is. The only other thing to say about limit betting is that some casinos and even some online poker rooms will lift the betting cap when the pot is contested heads up. If there are only two players involved, they can re-raise each other until the cows come home. So in theory, on the river both players could raise and re-raise until they were both all-in. Having a non-cap on the amount of raises in limit hold’em is the exception and not the rule.

Of course saying that only the betting style has changed makes it seem like a subtle, perhaps unnoticeable difference between the limit and no limit games. However, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. The simple shift in limiting the betting makes a huge difference in the strategy of the game.

If you haven’t sat down at a limit hold’em cash game table before, and are planning on doing so, please take the time to read over some Limit Holdem Strategy before playing. It would be easier to spend a few minutes reading than it would be suffering through a series of frustrating sessions finding out that some no limit poker techniques fail in the limit game.

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