Poker Bonuses vs Rakeback

One of the things that make online poker interesting is that you can get a part of you rake back. Rakeback and poker sign-up bonuses are virtually the same as free money. The rake is a small fee which is something every poker player pays to the poker room for playing on their site. This fee is taken from each pot you play. It doesn’t matter which stakes you play, you always pay commission and there is always a way to get a part of the rake back. There are two methods to get a part of your money back.

First, we have the poker sign-up bonuses provided by nearly all poker sites to attract new players. For these poker sign-up bonuses you will need to make a deposit before you can obtain the sign up bonus. How much money you will receive back depends on the poker room. At some poker sites you will get back less than 25 percent of your rake while others give you more than 40 percent. All poker sign-up bonuses are around 70 to 100% of the amount a player has raked, which leaves the poker room with a tiny profit.

The second way to get a part of your money back is ‘rakeback’. Rakeback is a loyalty program for online poker players. With rakeback you get a percentage (usually around 25-35%) of these fees returned to you. Each month you will get a part of the rake you paid in your poker account. How much rakeback you will get depends on how much rake you’ve paid in that particular month. For example, if you pay $500 in rake and you have 35% rakeback, you will get $500 x 0.35 = $175 of your rake back. Even at the lower stakes the amount of rake you pay will add up rapidly since you pay relatively more in rake than on higher stakes. This means that even low limit players pay a lot of rake to the poker room each month.

Both poker sign-up bonuses and rakeback turn many break-even players into winners. If you like to play at one particular poker room it is a idea to get rakeback since not all poker sites offer regular reload bonuses. However, you should always choose for the poker bonus first instead of the rakeback offer. For example, a standard poker player who plays $.50/$1 No Limit Hold’em pays about $400 in rake to the poker room in about 4k hands. The standard rake back deal gives the poker player around 20% making you receive roughly $80 in rakeback. The standard sign up bonus, however, will get the poker player more back. As mentioned earlier the standard poker bonus is around 75% of the rake paid. The same player would receive $300 in poker sign-up bonuses, so you can see how much better poker sign-up bonuses are in comparison to standard rakeback deals.

It is clear that everyone benefits from having one of the two methods. To benefit from the poker sign-up bonuses just register an account at a new poker room. Once you have played enough hands withdraw your deposit and bonus and register a new account at a new poker room. Keep doing this at all popular poker sites and you will get much more rake back than any rakeback deal can offer. Once you have finished all poker sign up bonuses, you can go for the reload poker bonuses. You can virtually do this forever since there will always be a new bonus to clear.

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