In poker, a “weak hand” refers to a player who is holding a hand that is not likely to win. Bluffing is a consideration when you have a weak hand, because you know you can’t win the pot if there is a showdown.

EXAMPLE “I had a weak hand and decided to barrel hoping to get the opponent to fold.”

Some poker trivia: Did you know the weakest hand in No Limit Hold’em is 7-2 offsuit? Since there are no flush or straight possibilities, your only hope is pairing the seven or deuce, and even when you do the majority of boards will look scary for your hand unless you flop two pair or better.

The term weak is also used to refer to tight-passive poker players who are afraid to take risks. They are also known as “weak-tight” players, and this playing style is easy to read making them easy to play against. Some players adopt this conservative style to escape the variance. But don’t confuse this with playing solid poker.

Here is an example of weak tight play from Jennifer Tilly on Poker After Dark.

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