A poker tournament is a tournament where entrants compete to win a share of the total prize pool. All the participants pay a fee in the form of a buy-in to enter, which will give each player a set number of chips. The blinds in poker tournaments are increased at pre-determined intervals to induce action.

Single-table tourneys, known as SNGs, are very popular at any of the top online poker sites. They don’t have a scheduled starting time, each tournament starts as soon as the required number of entrants have registered.

Here are the popular formats of poker tournaments you will find in online and live poker rooms around the world:

Freezeout poker tournaments are the most popular form of poker tournament. In these tournaments, once you lose all your chips, you are eliminated from the tournament.

Re-buy poker tournaments are tournaments that allow to buy back into the tournament during a set time period if you happen to lose all your starting chips.

Deepstack poker tournaments are basically the same as freezeout tournaments but with a slower blind structure to encourage more poker being played.

Plenty of multi-table tournaments (MTTs) have a guaranteed prize pool whereby the poker room guarantees a minimum amount regardless of the number of entrants.

EXAMPLE “Tournament poker is about survival.”

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