To “tank” in poker refers to when a player takes an excessive amount of time to make a decision. This issue has been getting a lot more attention of late because more and more players have been tanking in live poker tournaments.

Many players get frustrated when other players in the tournament tank excessively, because it slows down the game considerably, especially when the decision was straightforward and could have been made a lot quicker. There aren’t many decisions that take more than 2 minutes, hence the frustration when some players tank for 5-10 minutes. Fewer hands get played when this happens, which is even more frustrating when a player happens to be short stacked.

Just like it’s within the rules for a player to take the time they need to come to the right decision, players have the right to call the clock on players that are tanking. Poker pro Daniel Negreanu is a big proponent of introducing a shot clock in poker to minimize the amount of tanking in tournament poker, and many old school players agree.

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