Steps Tournaments

Steps tournaments are a series of Sit and Go tournaments which serve the same purpose as satellites in which players would move from small satellites to larger satellites. The top finishers of each tournament progress into the next level, and the top one or two finishers of the last tournament in the series will usually win their way into a major event like the Main Event of the World Series of Poker.

For a start players buy in to round one, from which the winners, usually the top 3, advance to stage 2. From stage 2 players progress to step 3, and so on until the final step starts where cash prizes are awarded to successful winning players. Another couple of points to make are that you can choose to buy in to any step along the way, including the final step. You can also play tournaments whenever you want, so you don’t have to complete all of the steps the same day, you can wait as little or as much time between steps as you want.

Step tournaments are becoming a staple part of most poker sites tournament offering, with more and more players participating there really has never been a better time to test your skills and try and take one of the more elusive step tournaments down. Whilst we refer to these tournaments as “step” tournaments sites tend to choose different names for them, such as “step challenge” and “phase” tournaments.

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