Ring Game

Holdem ring games are pretty much any game that isn’t a tourney. You are free to join tables and play hand by hand. They can be fixed, pot limit and no limit games.

The amount of players in ring games can vary, with the most common being 2 (heads-up), 6 (6-max) and 9 (full ring) games. You don’t pay to join these games, but the casino or online poker room will take a small rake from every player who joins each hand.

If you want to play Ring Games, open the online poker client, and select the RING GAMES tab. Then choose the table you would like join and just double click on it. The selected table will then load, and you will need to choose the seat you would like to sit in.

Then the buy-in box will pop up. You may select Default if you want to play with the suggested amount or Table Max. to play with the maximum amount permitted at the table or Other to enter a lower amount. Remember that the amount you enter should be between the minimum and maximum amounts required for that table.

If you are new to a ring game table, you will either have to wait for the big blind to come around, or if you would prefer to start playing straight away, you can contribute the big blind out of position for the next hand.

EXAMPLE “I prefer playing ring games because unlike tourneys skill always prevails in the end and even when you get an unlucky bad beat you can re-buy into the game.”

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