Results Oriented Thinking

In poker, results oriented thinking is allowing the outcome of a hand to affect the way you think about playing the hand in a future session.

Results oriented thinking is one of the most detrimental of all the mistakes a poker player can make. A results oriented approach is a terrible way to examine the merits of a poker play, because you can play a hand badly and win, and play a hand optimally and lose the hand.

The value of your decision making cannot be judged on recent results you’ve had, due to variance. When analysing the merits of a play, you want to consider what the most profitable play is for you in the long run. What are all the possible hands that your opponent could have, and then figure out what the best play is based off this range.

EXAMPLE “Stop being results oriented. Just because the flush draw got there, you don’t want worse hands to fold when they’re getting bad odds to call.”

For these reasons, if you’re looking to get feedback on a hand you recently played, you should probably avoid posting the results, because it can affect the analysis you get from other players.

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