Abbreviation for Loose Aggressive Poker Player. It is mostly used in the online poker world. A loose aggressive player is willing to play with a high risk playing style by coming out betting and raising to place other poker players under pressure in the hopes of getting them to fold. If you have this type of player at your table, you can never be sure if he has a good or bad hand.

Playing against LAGs: A bad LAG will play for too many weak hands on a too regular basis; this makes them easy to trap, once you pick up a premium hand you can slow play the hand and extract maximum chips from them, you also want to make sure you have position on these players (position is sitting at the seat to the immediate left of the player) you want to be sat here so they have to act first this will save you money as they will not be able to raise you to death every time you try to call a hand.

LAGs by nature play a large amount of hands, this means that you have to try and adopt a passive style against them. You have to wait for a good hand before you involve yourself in the pot. Although good hands do not come along all that often when you get one you can pretty much guarantee that there will be a large pot to back it up. Just make sure that when it comes down to a showdown you are holding the best hand or you could see yourself losing a fair amount of chips in one hand.

Before you enter a table where you identify a player as a bad LAG you need to ask yourself some questions, has the player made any mistakes? If so, how many have they made and how often do they make them? If you are not sure to the answer of any of these questions or if there style of play does not match any of these, then I would advise that you stay away from a table since playing a good LAG player can be a very costly experience. Just like a bad LAG a good LAG will jam the pot pre and post flop, but rest assured if the pot is building substantially and this player is still in the hand they are going to be holding the nuts or something that is going to be very difficult to beat.

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