A powerful move in your poker arsenal should be inducing bluffs from aggressive players. An aggressive villain can easily stack off if you are showing weakness but you could lose value if your opponent does not bite. Use this move thoughtfully.

Typical spots and ways to induce bluffs are:

Cbet the flop then check the turn. LAGs like to float and will bet with their air as they will assume you are giving up on the turn.

Underbet. Say the pot is $210 on the flop and you bet $75, this will frequently induce just the action you desire.

Overbet. Frequently, an opponent will see this as weakness but of course you might just push your opponent out of the hand.

A minimum raise from late position will often induce. This play can be more useful in poker tournaments and should only be used in late position.

Just calling raises instead of three-betting when you have an aggressive villain still to act to induce a squeeze raise. Use a timing tell to feign weakness for optimal results.

Just checking the flop and other streets will frequently have aggressive opponents building the pot for you where many times they would be folding.

There will be many situations when a loose player will have a busted draw and fold to a bet. Check to induce bluffs from them is the best way to get value in these situations. This quick video explains this concept well.

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