High Stakes Poker

A televised high stakes poker cash game broadcast live on TV featuring some of the biggest names in poker. The success of the show has been huge as even proven by the hundreds of thousands of hits generated by the showing of the high stakes games in intervals on YouTube.com. The high stakes cash games were set in some of the most prestigious Las Vegas hotels on the strip.

Some of the most notorious hands were played between the two powerhouses Negreanu and Gus Hansen. The two duked it out for a half a million dollar pot as Gus showed his quad fives against the poker kid’s full house. The most memorable reaction to that hand was the facial reaction Negreanu supplied when he heard the all familiar “All in” by Gus Hansen. Negreanu’s face contorted with that “Oh My God” look once Gus showed his quads. Even Gus Hansen said “Its sick, I know” when he displayed his cards. The room was silent as one of the most memorable hands ever played materialized. You can watch how that particular hand went down on High Stakes Poker Season 2 below.

It is hands like these that have made the High Takes Poker TV program so popular and with so many top pros available to join the action to spice up the ratings including Doyle Brunson, Johnny Chan, and Sam Farha. But unfortunately the program, which always had insightful commentary by Gabe Kaplan, came to an end in 2011, as a result of Black Friday and the Full Tilt Poker fiasco. High Stakes Poker TV series ran for 7 seasons, and in the final season, Norm Macdonald took over the rains to do the commentary.

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