Heads-Up Poker

heads-up-poker-championshipHeads up is a format of poker that is played between only two players. It might be played in a cash game and there are no other seats available, but also occurs in tournaments when the field has been reduced down to just two players. It is often considered to be the purest form of poker amongst many of the top professionals, because the skill advantage an advanced player has over a less skilled player is the biggest.

In heads-up poker, you have to play almost every hand, and a good player can get a good read on his opponent when he is playing him heads up instead of full ring. At a full ring poker table, it is more about the cards you get, and with heads up you have to really ‘play the player’.

Aggression is extremely important in heads-up poker. If you fold too many hands in position and if you don’t bet enough flops, turns and rivers you will get eaten by a strong opponent. Position is super important because you have a much better understanding of where you are at in the hand if you have the last decision. The majority of the time, both players won’t hit a good hand, and in these situations the first player to show interest in the hand will win the pot.

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