A tournament that you can win money or tournament tokens into real money tournaments with no buy in. Freerolls are full of new players, that’s why many of these so-called donkaments can be crazy.

Sometimes, online poker rooms run new player promotions where if you make a deposit with them, you receive tournament tokens to play in new depositor freerolls. And then some of the freeroll tournaments have no type of requirements other than free registration.

Playing freerolls is an excellent way to learn how to play Texas Hold’em or other poker games online, or if you just wish to build up an online poker bankroll risk free.

There is also, however, a different definition. In poker, freerolling can describe a situation that doesn’t happen very often, when an an opponent has the same hand as you, but you have a chance to improve to the winning hand on the next card while your opponent does not. In these situations, for example when you both have the nut straight flush and flush draw to go with it, you cannot lose and have a free chance of scooping the entire pot, hence the term “free rolling”.

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