Fancy Play Syndrome, or FPS for short, is a poker term initially coined by Mike Caro. It refers to deviating from a normal game by being overly creative or fancy when playing the hand in a more straightforward manner is much better.

For instance, some players will learn a new poker concept such as floating on the flop with the plan of stealing the pot on the turn, but will take the concept too far, trying it in the wrong circumstances.

Don’t let yourself fall victim of FPS. By doing so, you’re basically playing the reverse of basic ABC poker. As you progress and develop as a poker player, you naturally want to test different lines and strategies against certain players. But keep in mind that if you haven’t got a good reason for trying an elaborate play, then it’s probably costing you money.

EXAMPLE “You have a bad case of FPS. Just play straightforward ABC poker it will get the job done at this limit.”

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