Collusion is when two or more players at the same table work together as a team to help each other and therefore gain an unfair advantage over the other players.

EXAMPLE “I can’t believe a player in a donkament I just played actually folded TPTK to such a small all-in raise. I’m pretty positive the two players involved in the hand were colluding with each other.”

When playing poker online in order to be successful you need to be observant of the other players and their actions during any session. So to be safe here are some simple steps to detect possible collusion taking place. If you feel this is happening leave the table and immediately report your concerns to the online poker room’s management.

Here is a simple guide to spot collusion in online poker games:

1. A group of players who try to trap players in the game. Multiple raises and re-raises prior to the flop to build the pot. You will see a pattern of many of those players never playing past the flop.

Now this form of collusion is extremely rare and not very profitable for the players trying to pull this off. It is important to remember you will get many players who will raise multiple worthless hands due to their poor poker playing ability. These players are a pot of gold for you, many of these players play in the low limit Texas Hold’em games.

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