Bonus Rollover

One of the first things that a player sees when visiting an online poker site is an advert for a big welcome bonus offer that is given only to new players that register for an account. Bonuses are probably one of the most interesting aspects of online gambling sites, but what the sites don’t publicize much about the bonuses is their ‘rollover’, a condition that regulates how and when you are going to get the bonus that the site gives to you. It is also sometimes called a ‘wagering requirement’.

Such information is always included in the terms and conditions that are set for the specific bonus offer, so it’s silly when players complain about their bonuses, and why they didn’t get them. It’s unbelievable how people tend to overlook important information about bonuses skipping on the terms and conditions and not understanding the rollover requirement. So let’s take an in-depth look at how poker bonuses are released based on your rollover activity.

The rollover is different with each of the three major types of online gambling sites: sportsbooks, casinos and poker rooms. In sportsbooks you get a free bet of a certain amount after placing your first bet at the site on a game that qualifies for the free bet offer.


In casinos it’s a little bit different. The bonus is tied to a rollover condition which says that you have to rollover your bonus and deposit amounts 30 times. The best online casinos have the best rollover conditions and you can find them by reading casino reviews. Here is a good review of Thrills casino where good bonus rollovers can be found that you can use to play on their iPhone and Android casino apps. Or click for more to find other good ones.

With poker sites it is something completely different. There is no standard rollover condition as with sportsbooks and casinos. Instead, you get to receive the bonus in installments. First you have to make your deposit at the particular poker site in order to qualify for the bonus. There is usually a minimum deposit amount that qualifies you for the bonus, and it’s usually a bit higher than the standard minimum deposit.

After that, all you have to do to get the bonus is start playing with your deposit. You will wonder “where is my bonus and when will I get it?” Well, the more you play the more the bonus is released in your account. The more rake you have generated from playing, the more of the bonus you will get.

For example, you have signed up at a poker site where the welcome bonus that you can receive can get up to $1,000 depending on how much you have played. The poker site says that the bonus will be released in installments based on 20% from the rake generated. So, if you have generated $50 rake, you will be paid out $10 from the bonus. So, basically $980 of the bonus remains to be released to you depending on how much rake you will generate in your future plays.

And, the most important rule is the minimum rake that you have to generate in order for part of the bonus to be released to you. This may be $20, $30 or even $50. You won’t get a part of the bonus until you have reached that minimum rake. Basically, you get parts for each $50 rake generated.

So, always read the terms and conditions looking for such information so that you don’t have to wonder and get angry with the poker site why you still haven’t received the bonus. After the bonus has been released you are free to use it to play some more and get some more bonus released in your account.


Sometimes poker sites determine your bonus amount that you can get by generating rakes by matching your deposit amount with a certain percentage. It’s the same as with online casinos. If the welcome bonus is 100% match deposit up to $250, your deposit is matched 100%, and your bonus that you can have it released by playing will be no bigger than $250.

Other poker sites release parts of the bonus based on how many points you have accumulated from real money play. As you might know online gambling sites have loyalty programs where your loyalty is based on points accumulated from making bets. How much points you will get from one bet varies from site to site. Some sites you may get 15 points for every $1 bet, some 20, etc. All such information is contained in the terms and conditions where you can read about the rollover, the minimum deposit, the minimum rake, and how long before the bonus expires. Be smart and stay informed.

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