Bad Beat

All poker players have a bad beat story to tell. A bad beat is a subjective term in poker for a hand in which a player gets all the money in the pot with a very strong hand, however, still manages to lose to an opponent, even though the player was unlikely to win, but hits a lucky card (or two) to draw out on you. The player who loses the hand is said to have suffered a “bad beat” or “suckout”.

The better your odds are, the worse is the bad beat if you loose. This is the time when most players will be on tilt. Don’t do that yourself, because you know (being a winning player) that your opponent was very lucky and if he/she plays that particular situation like this all the time he/she will be loosing a lot of money in the long run in this very situation. Most of the time you will have played the hand very well, because you managed to get your opponent in a situation where you were the big favorite.

Here’s a bad beat at the World Series of Poker Main Event.

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