A term used in online poker for an image or icon used to represent a person at an online poker table. Online poker players get to choose their own avatars; anything from a stern-faced tuxedoed type through to a cowboy.

Playing online poker with an avatar has distinct advantages for novice players who are nervous. The perceived distance between their real selves and the poker avatars allows them to be confident, and succeed in a game situation.

A unique feature of Full Tilt Poker was the introduction of animated avatars used to represent players at the table. By right-clicking on the avatar, you can change your emotions to happy, sad, angry or frustrated, depending on how you were feeling.

full tilt poker avatars
Although the majority of poker sites allow players to have their own custom avatars, a unique feature of sites like Bovada Poker is their anonymous tables. At these tables, a seat number is used to represent a person, instead of an avatar, as this would identify the player, which would defeat the whole point of playing at anonymous tables.

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