What Makes Video Poker a Viable Choice for Players

video-pokerAlthough it’s a game with rules similar to Five Card Draw, Video Poker is not considered a proper poker variant. And rightly so, as it is different from the real thing in so many ways that it deserves its own category. But it has earned its right to be notable through a series of traits traditional poker doesn’t have. Comparing it to poker would be a bit much, but it stands as a great game on its own.


In real life poker, the average number of hands played varies between 20 and 35. Online, this number can be even higher. But in video poker, a hand can last as little as 30 seconds, making it one of the fastest poker-related games you can play. Even in multi-hand poker versions, like Red Flush’s Tens or Better Multihand, it takes less than a minute to play a hand.


Video poker has lots of variants. The most common is “Jacks or Better” and “Deuces Wild”, but other versions are also common. And it’s not just the rule variations that can change a game. The Red Flush Casino video poker variations has several “bonus” variants of the game going around, with special payouts for specific hands or card combinations. It even has two progressive jackpot video poker variants, with prizes worth fighting for.


Video poker is often played for profit. While it’s far too unpredictable to make you rich in an instant, playing with the right strategy can seriously increase your chances to walk away with extra money in your pockets. The average Deuces Wild video poker at the Red Flush Canadian Casino has an RTP (theoretical return to player) of 99.3%, which can be improved a lot by using the right strategies. Playing the perfect game of video poker at Red Flush will boost its RTP to over 100%, which few casino games can offer.


I’m not saying that playing online poker is boring, but there are times when the slower pace of the game is not what I am looking for. Besides, I’m not always up to working my brain to read the opponents’ betting patterns, but I still need some poker action. These are the times when I head over to the Red Flush Canadian Online Casino and dig into one of its multi-hand video poker games.

The fast pace of the game, as well as the fact that it automatically holds the most valuable cards for me, make it a no-brainer – just the thing I need at the end of a long, exhausting day. And if I happen to win (and it happens more often than you might think) I can sit back and enjoy the thought of finishing the day at a positive note. And with a bigger bankroll.

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