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Top Bankroll Management Tips for Online Poker

It’s very critical for every poker player worth his salt to master three basic components of the game – a winning strategy, a good mind set and a well thought out bankroll management strategy. Leave even one of these aspects and you’re surely going to witness its negative effects fairly quickly.

In fact, being good at online poker bankroll management constitutes an important part of the overall poker strategy. Regardless of whether you’re playing poker at a reputed platform like Spin online casino, or in your living room along with a group of friends, learning how to manage your bankroll can pay huge dividends over a time-period. Let’s acquaint you with some of the best bankroll management tips that can come in handy while playing online poker. Continue reading →

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Poker Experts Play Different Games – And You Should Too

If someone wants to rise to the top of the poker scene and become one of the best players in the world, they should stick to purely playing cards, right? After all, that’s the thing they’re aiming to get good at, so it makes sense that they play it constantly until they’re the best. The thing is, though, poker doesn’t quite work like this. And, if you stick to solely playing the game, you may miss out on honing other skills that are essential to your success.

Sports Stars Don’t Just Play Their Sport Continue reading →

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Four Benefits of Playing Poker

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There once was a time when the hottest debate in the news was on the benefits of playing games, especially online. There were pros and cons from both sides, and for all types of games, be it slots, card games, or video games. However, over time, and with research, people have come to realise that all of these games have benefits. Some of these advantages are hidden and not so apparent, while others are more visible.  

Poker remains one of the most widely played card games even today. Its fame is not limited to any one country or region of the world. There are poker tournaments, both online and in reality, that take place throughout the year and at different locations around the globe. So, why is it that the game is so popular? We look at reasons, some of which are obvious, while others will make you want to leave everything and play a hand of poker as soon as possible.  Continue reading →

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Different Ways to Play Poker Online

One reason for the remarkable rise of online casinos is their ability to evolve continuously. In the first decade of their existence, online casinos focused primarily on providing players with popular games such as poker, slots, and blackjack. Besides basic functionality, there was no progress in the way people played these games. However, thanks to technology progressing with leaps and bounds, online casinos were able to invest in game development, leading to playing options that provide gamblers with exciting money-making possibilities.   
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A Quick Guide to Texas Hold’em Poker

Lots of people have quit their jobs to play poker. Of course, for most players money plays an important role in their decision to start playing poker full time, but it’s not the only factor. Every professional poker player is fascinated by this game and all they always want to do is improve their game and get better. For many people, poker is not just a card game, but it’s their whole life.

The game is played with a standard deck of 52 playing cards and there can be between 2-10 players at a table. There are dozens of different poker variations in the world, the two most famous are Texas Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha. Continue reading →

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Guide to Common Poker Terms

Poker is one casino game that comes with a whole load of technical terms. While it’s not a prerequisite that you know all terms by head before attempting a game, its advisable (and great also) to just know more than enough so that you won’t look puzzled when you hear a term you haven’t heard before during a game. To help you on this front, this article explains in detail common poker terms. Note that after going through this article, you can always look at this site to put what you have learnt into practice by playing a game of poker.


Whether playing in a land-based casino or online, there is a person called a dealer. A dealer is a person who distributes the cards (normally) at the start of the game. It’s important that you know who the dealer is because the betting action always starts to the left of the dealer.


A hand refers to the set of cards that the player holds (normally structured in a hierarchy). Depending on the poker variation the player is playing, he may start with a hand that consists of three, four or five cards. It’s important to understand what the hand is as it is the hand which determines the winner and the loser when playing poker.


A blind is also known as the partial bet or a forced bet. A blind refers to the bet that is put by one or more players before the dealer distributes the cards. As the immediate person to the left of the dealer is the one who starts betting when playing poker, normally, it is this same person who will put in the blind.


When the dealer distributes the cards in order to start the game, the first player (to the immediate left of the player) will have to take action by making his bet if he has not already placed a blind. Depending on the action taken by the first player which is normally putting in a big blind, the next player is forced to put in a small blind. Thereafter, any action to be taken by the third player in line is referred to as the pre-flop.


After the pre-flop i.e. after the players in the round have taken their decisions, the dealer will be forced to take a flop. A flop is when the dealer reveals his cards (normally three cards but may differ depending on the poker variation). To reveal his cards, the dealer just has to put the cards face up for all players to see.


An ante refers to the money that’s seeded to the pot by players. An ante comes at the beginning of the game and all players have to contribute the same amount of money. It’s not all poker variations however that come with an ante, in some poker variations such as the Hold ‘em, the initial money into the pot comes from the ‘blinds’.

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A Guide to Short Stack Poker

Just because you don’t have the safety net of a full, healthy stack of chips is no reason to lose your cool. In fact, your concentration and undivided attention are even more important when you are playing with a , so you’ll want to make sure you’re watching the game carefully. If you already have poker strategies that you use, look for ways to alter them that suit the needs or requirements of this particular game and your short stack of chips. Pay careful attention for any moments when you can move and do not make calls for hands that are not strong. Even if you are not usually someone who plays the game very “safely,” you will want to be in this circumstance. Remember, when you’ve got a short stack, every move counts immensely, and you’ll want to make the best of each and every one.

You should always, always push whenever you find yourself alone in the pot with a great hand. These opportunities may not come around often, so you’ll want to seize them when they do. If you do this correctly, you can steal the blinds and keep adding chips to your stack, but that won’ t happen if you don’t go for it. Going all in can seem scary, but it’s the only way to win at short stack poker.

Be careful about when you push as well. Carefully observing the table or online room you are playing in, as well as the people in that room, can give you a good idea of what you need to do. In general, tighter tables will warrant pushing in the early position, while looser tables are a good indication you should avoid pushing in early unless you have a strong hand.

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The Case for Choosing Pineapple Poker as Your Home Game Staple

Pineapple Poker is a famously fun game that adds a fresh twist to the traditional Texas Hold’Em approach. Not a lot is known about how this poker variant was created and then became so popular. It seems to have started out in Las Vegas but is traditionally seen as being more of a game for playing at home than in a casino.

It isn’t even clear where the name comes from but, if you are looking for an enjoyable way of playing cards at home, then Pineapple Poker is hard to beat. If you are already familiar with Texas Hold’Em rules, then you will be able to get to grips with this game in next to no time.

Paf Poker Challenge Final Table 2016

The Rules and Variations Available

The basic rules are very similar to Hold’Em. However, the first big difference can be seen when the cards are dealt. Each player gets three of them, rather than two. The players can look at all three and need to discard one before the first betting round kicks off. From here on in, it is just like Hold’Em, with two hole cards as the starting point for a five card hand.

The pre-flop betting is then followed by the dealer showing three cards. After another round of betting, the turn card is dealt, followed by more betting, and then the river card. Players who are still going after the five community cards have been dealt bet one more round before the winning hand is revealed.

The list of winning hands is the same as in traditional poker games, with a Royal Flush being the combination that everyone is after. A Straight Flush and then Four of a Kind are the next in line of the hands that you want to end up with.

With the version called Crazy Pineapple Poker, the key difference is that the players can’t discard one of their hole cards until after the second betting round. Each player then carries on with those two hole cards, just as in the main version of the game.

Another version that you be interested in is called Crazy Pineapple Hi/Lo. This popular card game sees half of the pot go to the player with the best hand and half to the player with the worst hand. You might also come across Lazy Pineapple. In this case, you don’t discard any cards until the game is coming to an end.

Another good option is called Pineapple Open-Face Chinese poker. It is an intriguing card game in which the players place their cards face up until they have a 13-card hand. In each round, the players each get three cards and need to discard one of them, placing the other two in their hand.

What Is the Gameplay Like?

A huge part of the wide appeal of all of the Pineapple Poker variants is that they are simply tremendous fun to play at home. This is a fast, action-packed game that captures the imagination of just about everyone who plays it.

There is also a nice balance in the gameplay. It is simple enough for newcomers to feel comfortable right away, while experienced poker players will be happy to see that it is also a game that allows them to use their knowledge and skills to get an edge.

All this means that it is a great game to play in a mixed group. It doesn’t matter if some of the people sitting around the table have only a vague idea of the rules of poker. With the help of a brief explanation, they will soon be up and running.

Attractive Odds

One of the great things about Pineapple Poker is that you have more attractive odds of getting a quality hand than with other poker games like Texas Hold’Em. This is because of the fact that you can discard one card out of the three that you are dealt.

In this way, you have a good level of control over the combination of cards that you have at the end of the game. This is why it is common to see a number of strong hands revealed at the end of each game.

It is also worth noting that you have a decent chance of winning even if you are playing it for the first time. The speed with which most people pick up this game means that it is possible to get off to a winning start on your very first hands.  

Other Types of Poker Games for Playing at Home

Naturally, Pineapple Poker is far from being the only poker variant that is suitable for playing at home. In fact, there are plenty of other games of this type that can add a lot of fun to your day. Many of them are very similar in nature but each has its own unique twist that makes it stand out.

What if you are planning to play alone? In this case, a good option is to go online, where you could look for a video poker game. These games combine the luck of table games with the skill needed in poker. Some of the interesting variants of video poker are Double Joker Poker, All American and Joker Wild.

Other online poker variants you could play alone include live dealer games, multi-hand games, Red Dog Poker and Caribbean Poker. Each of these games offers something different that makes them well worth a try at some point to see how much you like them.

If you plan on playing with a group of friends, then your top choices include the likes of Omaha, Seven Card Stud and Razz Poker. Of course, there are also many other variants that you might like to try to add even more variety to your playing time.

If you are fed up playing the same old poker variants every time, then giving Pineapple Poker a try is a smart move. This is a fun, fast-paced poker variant that it shouldn’t take you too long to learn the basics of. 

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Tips and Strategy for Online Poker Beginners

There are countless pages of poker strategies out there and it can get confusing if you’re a beginner. To avoid information overload, you should stick to following strategies that are geared towards new players and build on your knowledge as you gain more experience. To get you started on your online poker journey, below are some of the best tips and strategies that will allow you to see results quickly.

For more easy-to-digest tips just like these, make sure to check out They also have plenty of guides for players of all levels, and with them, you’ll be a pro in no time! Continue reading →

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Which Poker Game is Right for You?

Few casino games have captured the people’s imagination as well as poker has. Over the decades, these card games have remained among the most popular not just among hardcore gamers, but also with the general public. We see this through movies like the James Bonds, television series like Las Vegas, and sporting channels like ESPN, where poker stands as one of the strongest examples of influential games to achieve mainstream success. Given its time and spread, combined with its undeniable appeal, it is only natural that the game would evolve over time, with various versions and sets of rules customising the game for specific audiences and tastes.

In this article, we’ll go over just a few of these forms, and hopefully, leave you with a better understanding of what poker game is right for you.

Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em has been something of a revolution in poker over the last few decades. Rising from obscurity to become the most recognised version of the game, Texas Hold’em is one of the easiest to understand, yet it maintains that incredibly high level of potential mastery for which poker is known. Featured in the highly competitive World Series of Poker, this is a game which isn’t going anywhere, so it can be a fantastic place to start.

The general idea in this game is that the players are dealt a total of two cards, called the hole cards, while there are a total of five community cards which are dealt and shared with everyone. These community cards are revealed in sets, with the first three being displayed in a single turn which is called the flop. Betting can be performed both before and after the flop. Following this comes the turn, where another card is revealed, and another round of betting can begin. The final card is named the river, and after this, the final round of betting can begin.

The goal here is to be the player who can create the best card combination through both their own cards and the community cards. Simple, fun, and a fantastic social experience.

Pai Gow

Based on a game which originated in China, Pai Gow poker is rare in that it includes a single joker in the standard 52-card deck, and that players try their skill against the dealer rather than the other players. It also comes with the unusual rule that an Ace/2/3/4/5 combination, called the wheel, is considered the second highest straight.

Players in Pai Gow are dealt a total of seven cards, which they must separate into a 5-card high-value hand, and a 2-card lower value hand. The high hand is judged by normal rules, and the low hand is either a pair or judged by individual card worth. The dealer must also play by the same rules.

While a loved game among enthusiasts, this form tends to be a rarer find in many casinos. There are some online casinos offering it however, like for example Remember that just because a game is rarer doesn’t mean it is less fun; it’s just a matter of taste, and this could easily be the right fit for you.


This game is best thought of as another type of Hold’em, with a few key differences to its Texas cousin. While there is the same amount of betting rounds, in Omaha the player is given 4-hole cards, while the 5 community cards are displayed at once. The winning combinations here must be made through the use of two of the player hold cards and three of the community cards. Again, a simple one and, again, a fun one.

5-Card Draw

This is a popular form which used to be one of the heads of the tables until being usurped by Texas Hold’em. In this form of poker, each player is first dealt five cards, and there are no community cards in play. The difference here comes from the ability of the player to trade in up to three of their cards in the first round for three more from the deck.

This tends to be one of the more well-understood varieties of poker and is often the one you’ll see on TV with a bunch of friends playing around a table.

Making Your Choice

It’s not easy to settle on which poker game is right for you. The four games we have covered here should give you a good cross-section of the different poker games which are on offer, and help you understand which set of rules are a good fit for your game-plan. Remember that practice and experience are key and that nobody starts off as a shark, and you should be well on your way to getting your foot in the door for a more successful poker future.

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