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Playing Straight Draws in Texas Hold’em

Of all the draws you can have in Texas Hold’em, are possibly the most difficult to play. That’s because you have two different types of them in inside and open-ended straight draws. Open-ended straight draws are obviously the most favorable to play since they give a person 8 outs while inside draws only offer 4 outs. Since these two draws differ greatly from each other, it can be very difficult to decide what to do in each instance. Here is a look at what to do when you have each draw.

Open-Ended Straight Draw Continue reading →

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Stealing Blinds in Poker

One poker strategy that can separate a winning player from a losing/break even player is the ability to steal blinds from others when the right situation presents itself. Sure isn’t going to rocket you into the next Forbes billionaires list, but it can definitely give you an edge over others at the table – even if it’s just by a little bit.

The first thing that you need to know about blind stealing is that you need to be in the right type of game to pull this maneuver off. If you are playing in a micro stakes game then you’re probably not in the right place to try stealing blinds, unless you are being very observant and can be confident that the other players at the table, especially in the blinds, are capable of folding to your late position raises. Continue reading →

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Trapping Aggressive Players

If you have played online poker for any length of time, then you will have no doubt come across your fair share of hyper-aggressive/maniac type players. Ever wondered what goes through the heads of some of these chip spewing LAGtards? Thinking about how they think about poker and what they are trying to achieve with every action they take will help you to better understand how to effectively play hands against more aggressive players. Sometimes when you are playing poker online it can feel like an aggressive player is always getting hands and generally just running over the table, but for the vast majority of the time, the reality is they won’t have a hand, and will be looking to bully weaker opponents out of a pot (since they haven’t got much choice when their hand will not win at showdown.) Continue reading →

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Isolating Weak Players in Online Poker Cash Games

It’s important that you specifically target the weaker poker players at the table, as this is where you will make the majority of your money. A weak poker player will usually do lots of limping and calling and not much, if any, raising pre-flop. If you were to continue with your normal tight aggressive poker strategy you would still wind up winning more often than not, but by making some adjustments you can maximize the amount you can win when playing against weak players.

There are two main types of players you want to try to isolate in hands: Continue reading →

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Hands To Avoid Overplaying In Poker

There are some poker hands that come up all the time that cost beginning and even some seasoned poker player’s mountains of chips. Learn to avoid the pitfalls of the trash hands below. This article will focus on both preflop and postflop play.


Tip One: Ace With Anything Low

You will often be dealt a starting hand that includes an Ace and a low card of some kind. Welcome to the number one trash hand of all time. Many players can’t bear to fold this before the flop, especially if the two cards are suited. Now I’ll tell you why you should not be playing Ace rags in most situations. You can’t win much with it, but you can lose plenty. It’s what’s known as a “dominated hand.” You play it and hit another Ace on the flop. Good, right? Well sure, but when you bet it everyone else will fold unless they have an Ace or can beat a pair of Aces. So you don’t win much there. But say you get called. You guessed it, you’re probably facing another Ace, and this player’s kicker is probably higher than the pip-squeak you’re holding. This puts you in a guessing situation, and if you’re like most players, you’ll bet or call all the way to the river with your Ace-rag only to be shown another Ace with a kicker of ten or above. You just lost a decent sized pot. Not good. Same thing goes for any of the face cards with a low card. Continue reading →

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What Style of Poker Player Are You?

You would think poker players can be simply be divided into two types of players – winners and losers, but defining poker players is a little more complex than that.

There are several different basic styles of playing poker and many types of player. Some will play tight or loose, some play aggressively and some passive.

Being a winning player is about being able to spot what type of players are at your table and adjust your game strategy to beat each of type of player. It is also vital to adjust your game so other players are unable to easily categorize your style of play, making your play less predictable at the poker table – this is known as changing gears. Continue reading →

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Playing Pocket Aces in Texas Hold’em

The best possible hand dealt in Texas Hold’em is pocket Aces and a pair of Aces beats any hand at that stage. However in Hold’em, the game isn’t over (most of the time) until five community cards have been placed at the middle of the table.

Your Aces will win about 80% of the time when you are heads up against one player but there is only a 31.1 percent chance of winning with a pair of aces against nine random hands played to the end.

Two Aces is in average only going to show up in your hand once out of every 220 hands dealt and the odds of catching a set (three of a kind) by the river is 11.8%. Continue reading →

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Enjoying the Game Means Winning Money

Poker is a skill game which combines elements of psychology, strategy, and a little bit of luck. In this article I would like to focus on the psychological aspect of the game so you’ll see that it has a great impact on your game more than you might think.

One of my favorite things when it comes to this great game is watching poker video because it’s a wonderful way to learn how the professional players act, play and control their emotions during a hand. It’s no secret that when you’re on tilt, nervous, angry or upset you’re not playing at your best, you tend to make more mistakes and eventually lose money. Continue reading →

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4 Preflop Strategy Tips for Texas Hold’em

Many poker players have a serious flaw in their poker game in this area. You can’t win at poker if you consistently call before the flop with less than desirable starting hands. A lot of players know these starting standards cold but can’t resist playing some pretty ugly hands. You must have the patience of a ninja monk to play good poker. It’s the “leather ass” principle, and it’s crucial to winning.

Tip One: Poker is a Positional Game!

This is an extremely important concept. You can’t win if you don’t adjust your starting standards according to your position. You can call/raise with some of the lesser hands if you’re on the button or in one of the two seats to the right of the button. Why? Because you are betting at the end of each round and will have seen the other player’s actions before you make a decision and there are fewer players left to act after you. For example, if a super tight player raises in early position, you’ll know to fold pre-flop even if you have a decent hand. If you’re in late position and everyone has checked before you, you’re in perfect position to steal the pot. The list goes on and on. You will quickly learn the importance of position when you adjust your game to take advantage of it. Continue reading →

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5 Tips to Conserve your Online Poker Bankroll

poker chipsOnline poker is a slightly different ball game requiring a different approach; the game plays out quicker and the players are stronger. The fact is, online poker requires much more control and discipline than live poker and many people fail to realize it. This article may be of use to those fundamentally good poker players who can’t seem to maintain an online poker bankroll.

Even the best of poker players can be rash in their approach towards managing their online poker bankroll. All it takes is a couple of bad sessions and weeks of hard work at the poker tables go for a toss. People losing at live poker, not surprisingly, find it impossible to maintain an online bankroll. You’ll often hear the same grouse from successful live poker players as well. Continue reading →

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