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Best Online Poker Sites For Beginners

Learning the lingo and terminology of poker is a good starting point. You absolutely want to know what you’re talking about before sitting yourself down at any poker table. 

That being said, it’s one thing to talk a good game. And yes, bluffing is most definitely a vital skill when playing poker. On the other hand, so is knowing what you are doing before opting to ante up into a game. Being able to play a good game is truly going to be the ace up your sleeve when being dealt in at the poker table. Continue reading →

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Things to Know Before Playing Poker Online

Now that new tech innovations have launched poker in an online environment, more and more people are flocking to platforms across the internet to have a taste of the fun. However, before diving in to this new and exciting opportunity, there are a few things you may want to know first.

Most online platforms offer welcome packages  

If you’re totally new to playing the world’s most popular strategic game in an online setting, you’ll definitely want to know that digital platforms offer their users some of the best casino bonuses and offers when they first join. These can vary depending on the site, but many times you will receive free cash, tournament tickets, or both at the same time. Most of these bonuses work by giving their customers a match on their deposit, allowing the user to begin their online poker journey with ease and excitement. Continue reading →

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Online Poker Tells You Need To Know About

Online poker is a psychological game. Players with good reading ability and well timed aggression are successful online poker players with the skills needed to build up a huge bankroll starting from the low stakes tables moving through to mid stakes games and beyond.

Some people believe online poker is a completely different game, Since it’s played interactively online and the more serious online players are using , they feel it changes the game in a drastic manner. However, this isn’t the case at all. The truth of the matter is that if you can’t beat the micro stakes without using a HUD, then it’s likely because you just suck at poker, a HUD can only help you so much. You still need to play poker, and reading online poker tells will give you better results. Continue reading →

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New and Unusual Poker Variations and How To Adapt To Them

There are several well-established types of poker, the most popular being Texas Hold ‘em. Yet online providers are always looking for new ways to create exciting games and take poker to the next level. Many of the most recent variations of poker combine traditional rules with crazy twists to make exciting new formats.
Here we take a look at three recent variations of poker, and how you can adapt your game to each one. It’s beyond the scope of this article to teach you the fundamentals of the game, so I assume you already have a basic knowledge of poker.

Spin N’ Go

Spin N’ Gos were first introduced to online sites in 2014, and have since established themselves as very popular games for recreational players. Spin N’ Gos follow the rules of Texas Hold ‘em, and the format is hyper-turbo with three players, 500 chip starting stacks and 3 minute blind levels.
The prize money is decided as the game commences, and can be anything from 2x – 12,000x where the winner takes all. Though the odds of the jackpot kicking in are very slim (1/1,000,000), the scope for a big win with a small buy-in is enticing and exciting. Expect to be fighting it out for twice the buy-in most of the time, and then occasionally for 4 – 10x the buy-in.
There are a few strategic adaptions to make here. First of all, the stack sizes are small compared to the blinds. Starting stacks are 25bb, so the first couple of levels are suitable for small raises, steals and controlled aggression similar to a short-handed cash game strategy. If the other players let you own the table during these early stages, then great! Don’t flat call bets often – be prepared to 3-bet all in to defend.
After the first two or three levels, you will naturally have to fall back on your late-stage tournament strategy, playing short stack poker and racing against an increasingly threatening blind. Shove all in, adjusting your range according to your opponent, or trap opponents into giving you a double up. Then it’s heads-up all the way!

Power Up

This is perhaps the most unusual and daring variation of poker released in the last decade, and it almost plays out like a video game or e-sport competition. The rules are again based on Texas Hold ‘em, with all of the usual cards and bets, but in Power Up you also receive up to three power cards. These cards can be used to drastically affect the course of the hand.
The game plays out in a 3-handed SNG format and is available at several different stakes. Power cards are replenished after every hand, so you always have three in your hand. When it comes to your turn to bet, you can choose to play a power card. Each power card costs a set amount of energy, and players have limited energy – starting with 10, with a maximum of 15 and a replenish rate of 3 per hand.
The trick here is to understand all of the powers, know how to use them, and in what situations they are most effective. Examples of powers include; X-Ray, which allows you to see an opponent’s hole car; Reload, which gives you the opportunity to change one or more of your hole cards; and EMP, which disables opponent’s powers. There are 12 powers in total.


This is the most recent addition to the PokerStars menu of games. Fusion poker is a blend of two popular variations, Texas Hold ‘em and Omaha. You start with two hole cards just like in Hold ‘em. After the flop, you are dealt another hole card, and then another after the turn for a total of 4 hole cards. You then have to make the best hand possible using two cards from your hand and three cards from the board.
Fusion poker only came out in late 2018, so players are still adapting to the game and finding their own strategies, but it’s worth pointing out that by the end of the hand you are basically playing Pot-limit Omaha. It is Omaha hands that you will be making, and therefore Hold ‘em hand rankings go out of the window. Learn both variations to become a master of this game.
For now, one of the most important differences is that pre-flop equity margins are much slimmer. The difference between AQ and QJ in Texas Hold ‘em is 72% to 28%, whereas in Fusion it runs at only 56% to 44%. This is because in Fusion the hands are really AQxx and QJxx, and so by the end of the hand, there is much more opportunity to catch up. As such, you can play more hands pre-flop, especially when you can gain an edge in other ways, such as position, and by playing a weaker opponent.

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The Most Interesting Texas Hold’em Poker Games Online Right Now

Poker comes in many different forms, from high-stakes cash games with thousand-dollar hands to hyper-turbo tournaments, which tend to turn the heat up and get the action going. With so much on offer, how do you know which games are best for you? To help you decide, we bring you some of the best poker games available online right now.

So, aside from your usual Sit N Go’s and cash games, what other Texas Hold’em games are out there?

If you like it fast, then Zoom is the game for you. As you might have guessed by the name, this cash-game style variation is one of the fastest and most thrilling ways to experience poker. The standard Texas Hold’em cash game rules apply, with steady blind levels throughout the game. The main difference is that when you fold your hand, you will instantly be transported to a new table to play another. This means you get fewer chances to study individual opponents and table dynamics, and more chances to play hands. Zoom is available at many different buy-in levels, from $0.25/$0.50 to $25/$50.

Spin N Go (SNG) also has a fast-and-furious format. These games are played three-handed in a tournament poker style, with short stacks and fast blind levels. Buy-ins range from $0.25 to $500, and the prize is decided randomly as the game starts. It’s possible to win anything from 2x to 12,000x your buy-in with Spin N Go’s, and so every now and again, you may find yourself in a game vying for a lot of money! Spin N Go’s are an ideal variation for players who want to enjoy a quick game or two, as Spin N Go’s typically only last a few minutes.

PokerStars regularly has promotional Spin N Go’s available, whether it be Spin N Go’s for $1 million or Spin N Go’s to win entry to live poker tournaments. Right now, they are offering two different promotional games. You can play an $11 buy-in Festival London Spin N Go, with a chance to win a $3,100 package, which includes tournament entry, five night’s accommodation and spending money. You can also find the opportunity to win Sochi packages worth $5,300, all for just a $5.50 buy-in.

If you prefer a slower pace and more chances to try and outplay your opponent, multi-table tournaments are still your best choice. They have massive fields of entrants and as a result, usually, have large prize pools that could amount to life-changing sums of money. The Sunday Million tournament is still the biggest and best MTT out there, with a $215-dollar buy-in and a $1-million guaranteed prize pool.

If you can’t afford the $215-dollar buy-in or you just don’t want to take many risks, there are satellite tournaments and SNGs available, which allow you to win entry to more expensive tournaments. Even better than that, many online poker sites also offer regular freeroll tournaments. They are free to enter (or in some cases, may cost “VIP points”), and can lead to real money wins or entry to tournaments.

Finally, if you haven’t tried it yet, PokerStars’ Power Up is worth a look. The eSports poker game gives you power cards and energy, giving you more options for strategy, and to tamper with opponent’s plans. It’s not for everyone, but the game is well balanced and an ideal option if you are just looking for a bit of fun.

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How to Sign up for an Online Poker Account

This begins a series of how to guides for beginners covering the basics and trying to make you feel more comfortable if you are new to the online poker world.

How to sign up for a poker account is the best place to start because you won’t be able to play online poker cash games and tournaments if you don’t have an account with a poker room. Fear not, the process is not at all complicated and is very quick which means you’ll be off and playing poker online in no time.

Register your Details for an Online Poker Account

The first page or set of pages you will have to deal with is where you will need your personal information. Personal information includes things such as your date of birth, to check it’s legal for you to play, your address as a correspondence and some contact details in the way of a phone number or an e-mail address.

You will also be asked to create a username and a password which will be unique to you and your account. Your username can be entirely unique to you and you can have any name you like so long as it hasn’t already been taken. Your password needs to be something you can easily remember but secure enough to keep your details safe.
The best tip for creating a password is to be totally random and not link it in any way to yourself or your life.

Example of the Titan Poker registration screen

Registering a Deposit Method to Play Online Poker

Most poker rooms will ask you to register a deposit method which is how you are going to fund your account. You need to do this otherwise you won’t be able to put money in for you to use. Regardless of whether you are applying for a match deposit bonus or a no deposit bonus, this is a step that you will have to do.

Don’t worry about being paranoid when it comes to finances, there is no harm in this and safety first is always the best option. Rest assured that most poker rooms now use encryption software which will scramble the details of any financial transactions you make so that the information cannot be stolen or misused.

So signing up for an online poker account can be covered in three steps; find the right poker room and welcome bonus, submit some basic personal details and register a deposit method before making a deposit.

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Find Out How to Get Free Poker Bankrolls

Did you know it is possible to play real money online poker games without making a deposit? These days there are hundreds if not thousands of online poker rooms which are all competing to do business, many of which give away free poker bankrolls as a way to attract new players to sign up with their site.

A free poker bankroll comes in the form of a offered by some poker rooms to give new players a chance to try out the different poker games hoping they will stick around and continue to play on the site. From a player’s perspective, obtaining a free poker bankroll to play with is a fantastic way to experience the world of real money online poker without risking your own money.

But like any promotional offer, it’s not a free lunch. There will be terms and conditions attached to the bonus offer to determine when you will be able to cashout from the site. Otherwise, there would be nothing stopping a player from claiming a free poker bankroll and cashing out immediately without playing any real money games.

In order to be able to take advantage of a free poker bankroll offer, you must not already have an account with the poker room you’ve chosen to get a free bankroll from. Besides this eligibility requirement, as long as the offer is available to players in the country you reside in, then it’s fair game and you’ll just need to play enough poker to meet the terms and conditions of the bonus. Once you have earned enough poker points the poker room will give you permission to withdraw your bankroll and any associated winnings. Although if the players at the poker room are really bad, it would probably be worthwhile sticking around to take their money.

Once you have finished up meeting the bonus requirements of one free poker bankroll promotion, you can go and claim a new free poker bankroll offer at another online poker room. With so many new poker sites opening up and a lot of them offering free poker bankrolls in the form of no deposit bonuses to attract new customers, you can virtually do this forever since there will always be a new free poker bankroll bonus to clear.

However, you can save the hassle of having to find new online poker sites that are offering free poker bankrolls by registering with websites offering free poker bankrolls for new players with no deposit being needed. As a member you will have access to many exclusive offers from top online poker rooms. Once you create an account, the site will display the free poker bankrolls that are available in your specific region. Complete a few simple steps to be credited with a free bankroll for each room you would like to play at and submit photo ID to confirm you are who you say you are, and the money will be transferred to your poker room account within 5 days or so of claiming the free bankroll, once approved by the room.

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Poker Bonuses vs Rakeback

One of the things that make online poker interesting is that you can get a part of you rake back. Rakeback and poker sign-up bonuses are virtually the same as free money. The is a small fee which is something every poker player pays to the poker room for playing on their site. This fee is taken from each pot you play. It doesn’t matter which stakes you play, you always pay commission and there is always a way to get a part of the rake back. There are two methods to get a part of your money back.

First, we have the poker sign-up bonuses provided by nearly all poker sites to attract new players. For these poker sign-up bonuses you will need to make a deposit before you can obtain the sign up bonus. How much money you will receive back depends on the poker room. At some poker sites you will get back less than 25 percent of your rake while others give you more than 40 percent. All poker sign-up bonuses are around 70 to 100% of the amount a player has raked, which leaves the poker room with a tiny profit.

The second way to get a part of your money back is ‘rakeback’. Rakeback is a loyalty program for online poker players. With rakeback you get a percentage (usually around 25-35%) of these fees returned to you. Each month you will get a part of the rake you paid in your poker account. How much rakeback you will get depends on how much rake you’ve paid in that particular month. For example, if you pay $500 in rake and you have 35% rakeback, you will get $500 x 0.35 = $175 of your rake back. Even at the lower stakes the amount of rake you pay will add up rapidly since you pay relatively more in rake than on higher stakes. This means that even low limit players pay a lot of rake to the poker room each month.

Both poker sign-up bonuses and rakeback turn many break-even players into winners. If you like to play at one particular poker room it is a idea to get rakeback since not all poker sites offer regular reload bonuses. However, you should always choose for the poker bonus first instead of the rakeback offer. For example, a standard poker player who plays $.50/$1 No Limit Hold’em pays about $400 in rake to the poker room in about 4k hands. The standard rake back deal gives the poker player around 20% making you receive roughly $80 in rakeback. The standard sign up bonus, however, will get the poker player more back. As mentioned earlier the standard poker bonus is around 75% of the rake paid. The same player would receive $300 in poker sign-up bonuses, so you can see how much better poker sign-up bonuses are in comparison to standard rakeback deals.

It is clear that everyone benefits from having one of the two methods. To benefit from the poker sign-up bonuses just register an account at a new poker room. Once you have played enough hands withdraw your deposit and bonus and register a new account at a new poker room. Keep doing this at all popular poker sites and you will get much more rake back than any rakeback deal can offer. Once you have finished all poker sign up bonuses, you can go for the reload poker bonuses. You can virtually do this forever since there will always be a new bonus to clear.

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Bet365 Poker Review

Bet365-LogoBet365 is an all-in-one online gambling website, which means they offer casino, sports betting, bingo and online poker games all through one account.

The established gaming group is one of Europe’s most trusted gambling brands. They’ve been a superb online sportsbook over the years, and their poker room is equally a reputable site.

They’ve made it easy for people around the world to come in and play real money online poker games, because there’s a download version for use at home, and a mobile app for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets for those who are looking to play on the road.

There’s also a lot of languages that you can select from when you’re playing at Bet365 Poker. The site’s primary language is English, but their online poker platform can be accessed in more than 15 different languages. You can also deposit and play in a number of different currencies, including pounds, euros and dollars. Many players at Bet365 Poker enjoy the convenience of the additional currency options.

Bet365 Poker Games

Bet365 Poker also has a lot of games to play and you can play anything from Texas Hold’em to Omaha to Seven Card Stud to even less commonly played poker games like Razz.

If you like fast-paced action, make sure you check out the Speed Poker cash game tables. These games are appropriately called “Speed Hold’em”, and as soon as you fold a hand at one table, you’re dealt into a new hand immediately at another table facing different opponents.

Granted, speed poker is different than simply playing in a typical ring game. But “Speed Hold’em” lets you play more hands and clear bonuses quicker, and you can do all this without taking up additional space on your screen. Do you need to brush up on your speed poker skills? Here are five key strategies for success at the Bet365 Speed Poker tables.

Bet365 was also the first to introduce the new Six Plus Hold’em poker variant, which is similar to Hold’em, but all the cards from deuce to five are removed from the deck.

Besides regular cash games, you can also find tournaments and sit-n-gos that you can join. From freerolls with real cash prizes to satellites to big money guaranteed tourneys to Twister Sit & Gos with random jackpot prizes, there is a tournament to suit all players.

Since Bet365 Poker is on the iPoker Network, you can find thousands of players online and playing real money games at anytime. Many sports betting operators, including some of the largest UK bookies, have their poker sites on the iPoker network, so there is always going to be a steady flow of soft competition on the virtual felt at Bet365.

Bet365 Poker Bonuses and Promotions

If you open an account at Bet365 Poker and use our exclusive Bet365 bonus code, you’ll be eligible to receive this awesome 100% bonus, allowing new depositors to get up to €100 completely free once they meet the wagering requirements. Plus you’ll also receive a tournament token worth €5.

Additionally, players who take this welcome bonus offered by Bet365 Poker will still qualify for other welcome bonus offers which are available at this all-in-one site, like for the company’s sports betting platform and online casino.

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Online Poker Legislation: What is the Legality of Online Poker?

So, is online poker legal? The short answer is that online poker is legal in most places around the world. In this post we’ll take a closer look at online poker laws in the United States, Europe and Australia, since it is one of the most commonly asked questions by new players.

United States

Over ten years ago now Chris Moneymaker’s WSOP Main Event win in 2003, saw online poker’s popularity skyrocket to epic proportions, but it hasn’t been without its fair share of setbacks.

In September 2006, the was enacted to prohibit banks and financial institutions from processing payments to and from gambling sites. It was not designed to stop the player, but it did work to some extent in making it more difficult to deposit into a poker room.

However, the biggest hit occurred on April 15, 2011, a day that is now dubbed as by the online poker community, when 3 of the biggest online poker sites at the time, Pokerstars, Full Tilt Poker, and the Cereus Network (Absolute Poker/Ultimatebet) got shut down by the US DoJ (Department of Justice) after their founders were indicted on charges that included money laundering and running illegal gambling operations.

For players in the United States, playing online poker was still an option, but there were a more limited number of options and choices for players to choose from. Following the Black Friday poker indictments, the DoJ publicly changed its stance on the legality of internet gambling as it relates to the Wire Act.

The 1961 Wire Act was designed to prevent “wired” bets from taking place over the phone, but with the inception of the Internet, it has also been applied to online gambling. Now, interstate bets that aren’t related to a “sporting event or contest” fall outside the scope of this law.

When it comes to the game of poker in particular, there has been a lot of discussion specifically about whether poker is a luck or skill-based game. In 2012, a New York judge ruled that poker is more a game of skill than chance, and therefore, could not be prosecuted under the Illegal Gambling Business Act.

In the past several years, the state of online poker in the United States has changed drastically. Whilst there are still US-friendly online poker sites like Carbon Poker that continue to operate in the unregulated market, regulation has paved the way for for 3 US states: Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware to offer a wide range of internet gambling, including online poker games. This has allowed the states to tax online poker and setup a sensible framework for regulated online poker.


In Europe, online gambling is a very mature and well-regulated industry. While a few countries in Europe have taken an anti-online gambling stance, for the most part, Europe is completely for the regulation of online gaming, and of course this includes online poker. All online poker sites wishing to offer their product offerings to UK-based players are required to obtain a license from the Gambling Commission.

Beside the United Kingdom, a licensed and regulatory online poker framework has also been established in other European countries, including Italy, Spain and France, however, at the present time, the license only allows them to operate within but not beyond the country borders. So, Italians can play against other players from Italy, and so on.


In Australia, they have a fairly unique stance on online poker. Whilst you can’t operate an online poker room within the country, it’s not illegal for Australians to play on offshore gaming sites, and so many Aussies do play poker online (typically on the big sites like PokerStars). Even though Stars left the US market, they still accept players from most other regions on the planet.

In Conclusion

Since the UIGEA and Black Friday, the absence of US online poker players on the big rooms has made things a bit tougher. Still, moving forward, I think it’s possible that the national regulatory bodies could work together to combine player pools for a larger player base, as this is what is holding back any kind of pre-Black Friday recovery. Players don’t want to just play against opponents who reside within the same borders, but against all their countrymen, and even players from other countries. If that became a reality, we may just see another “Moneymaker boom”.

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