Top 3 Poker Tips For Beginners

Most online poker players have little knowledge of poker strategy. This website can help you win at poker even if you are a beginner that has no idea what you’re doing. Although knowledge is power, you will come across many scam sites as well as sites with bad information. Being a consistent winner at online poker isn’t easy but with a strong commitment to improving your game, it’s very possible.

Here are a few good tips I have acquired over the years. These tips are not meant to make you a great player overnight. With enough practice and patience you will get the hang of online poker. Feel free to look around the site for more free information to better your game as well as to learn all the online poker lingo spoken in the online poker room chat box.


A trait every tournament player must have. I have a great tip dealing with the issue of patience. Alot of times while playing tournaments, I will listen to music. I have heard alot of people disagree with this one, saying that it will take away from your reads on people. I think that is total crap. Playing poker tournaments requires extreme patience, especially the multi-table tournaments with more than 20 players. Even 10 person sit-and-go’s require a great deal of patience. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying you should never pay attention to the table and only play your cards. First, analyze the table. When you have learned a little about what type of game you’re in, listen to some music. This tip has allowed me to sit back during the early rounds of a sit-and-go tournament with much success. Remember, most tournament players lose because they simply play too many hands early on. Don’t take risks until the later stages. Listening to music will help this.

Master One Type of Game

Poker is an artform and has an array of game choices. I say that you pick one type and work hard on mastering it. So you think you can go play a cash game then turn right around and play a tournament? Think again. Both types of games require a much different strategy and many times you will play a little bit out of context for the new game you choose. Once you can play both types of games and win, it will actually benefit you to switch types of games every now and then to keep you from losing interest at the table.

Educate Yourself

I would suggest picking up a few of these poker books I have listed here.

If you have noticed, this is last on my list for a very important reason. You must pick up all the information you can because there is plenty of useful concepts and strategies that will help out your game immensely. After you have mastered a few of the current strategies around, step up your game with a new book. I guarantee that if you absorb and apply everything in them, you will be able to beat online poker.

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