Tips and Strategy for Online Poker Beginners

There are countless pages of poker strategies out there and it can get confusing if you’re a beginner. To avoid information overload, you should stick to following strategies that are geared towards new players and build on your knowledge as you gain more experience. To get you started on your online poker journey, below are some of the best tips and strategies that will allow you to see results quickly.

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Start Small

The great thing about playing poker online is that you have the option to play micro-stakes games. These are tables where the blinds are as small as 1c/2c, so you don’t have to make a big dent in your bankroll while you’re still being shown the ropes.

You want to have the freedom to learn by doing, and the best way is to just play as many hands a possible. It might be tempting to give $1/$2 a go for a bit more excitement, but you’ll quickly drain your bankroll if you’re just starting out.

Pay Attention to Everything

It’s easy to get caught up in the banter at a lively poker table, but you should never take your mind off of the game. You should be paying attention to all of your opponents and their behaviour as the game plays out. Be sure to keep an eye out for:

  • How the other players bet
  • The hands that your opponents show
  • How often certain players enter the pot

By building up a profile on each player, you can determine the best course of action when playing against them. You should be thinking about more than just your own hand, and taking mental notes on the behaviour of the other players will have a positive impact on how successful you are.

Always Consider Your Position

There are plenty of things to think about when you’re playing poker: the strength of your hand, the size of your bet, the hand of your opponent, etc. So, it is not uncommon for many beginner players to forget to consider their position.

Your position refers to where you are at the table in comparison to the dealer button, the big blind and the small blind. The best position at the table is when you’re the last to act so you can gather more information about the other players’ hands based on how they bet. Ensure that you are always aware of where you are sat to ensure that your decisions are well-informed.

Don’t Spend Too Much on Draws

When you have a flush or a straight draw, and you only need one card to complete your hand, don’t spend too much to see the next card. As a rule of thumb, if your opponent is betting big, it is best to leave the draw alone and fold. If they are betting small, then feel free to chase that draw.

Suited Cards Aren’t That Impressive

When you’re dealt suited cards, it may seem like you have it in the bag. However, this isn’t always the case. In fact, suited cards only improve a hand by 2%, compared to if your cards were off-suit. This small improvement doesn’t make a great case for calling pre-flop, so you can save yourself a bit of money by folding smaller suited hands.

Master One Type of Game

Poker is an artform and has an array of game choices. I say that you pick one type and work hard on mastering it. So you think you can go play a cash game then turn right around and play a tournament? Think again. Both types of games require a much different strategy and many times you will play a little bit out of context for the new game you choose. Once you can play both types of games and win, it will actually benefit you to switch types of games every now and then to keep you from losing interest at the table.

Educate Yourself

I would suggest picking up a few of these poker books. If you have noticed, this is last on my list for a very important reason. You must pick up all the information you can because there is plenty of useful concepts and strategies that will help out your poker game immensely. After you have mastered a few of the current strategies, step up your game with a new book. I guarantee that if you absorb and apply everything in them, you will be able to beat the real money online poker games you’re playing.

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