The Winning Approach To Poker

Like most games, poker is a game of skill and odds. There are times to play, fold and take risks. You can improve your chances by betting at the right time and for the correct amount. These are skills that experience will improve so by playing micro stakes poker, you can limit your losses on that learning curve!

If you intend to play regularly, then there are many poker books on the market and information on the internet which will tell you all the rules, how to bet, what to bet and the best strategy to win regularly. If you have a flair for Texas Hold’em then you may even be able to make a career at it as the rewards for both online and live poker are both big.

Take a look at these 10 characteristics that are important to have in order to be a successful poker play.

1. Self Discipline:
This is the secret to winning in any form of poker! First and foremost, you should create a gameplan for yourself and stick to it. The gameplan for heads up poker games will be very different to what is required in order to beat full ring cash games. Know your game and have the discipline to stick to the gameplan!

2. Do Not Play With Scared Money:
Do not bet with scared money. Bet only with money you are prepared to lose. This does not mean you are expecting to lose, it means that if you cannot afford the loss then your emotions will get in the way and your self discipline will waver.

3. Do Not Get Greedy:
Greed wipes out poker players all the time. Be content with small profits on a consistent basis. Do not move up in limits if you don’t have an edge in those games simply because you are up in the session.

4. Keep Records of Your Poker Sessions:
Keep records of all your bets both wins and losses. This way you have an accurate record. Be professional and act in a logical, disciplined and business like fashion!

5. Have a Plan:
Plan your bets. Have a plan for the hand. Study hands to improve your game. Know when you want to finish.

6. Think ‘consistent profits’:
The odds on picking the lottery numbers are huge and so is the chance of going from zero to millions overnight. Profiting at this game and being a winning poker player is all about the long term. So you want to aim for consistent profits over a period of time!

7. Don’t Try To Play Outside Your Comfort Zone:
Do not bet outside your comfort zone. Be at peace with what you are doing. More often that not, this comes down to practicing smart bankroll management. If you play within your online poker bankroll, there won’t be any pressure in making big bets, because the money doesn’t mean as much to you, meaning you will play in a more optimal fashion.

8. Conditioning your Mind for Success:
Condition your mind for success. Think about making the right decisions and focus less on the result since it’s the decisions you’re making which will ultimately dictate how successful you will be at poker. Take a couple of moments each day to think good thoughts and you will become sharper and your mind fitter for focusing on the job in hand!

9. Be Patient:
Be ready and focused on what you are doing. Only play when you are in the mood to prevent playing hands you wouldn’t normally due to boredom. Be patient, and wait as long as it takes. If you know your plan works, it’s simply a case of when not if you will take your opponent’s stack.

10. Be Aggressive:
You need to be aggressive at the same time you are being patient. When you get the cards you are looking for play them aggressively and it will force the other player’s with rather weak holdings to fold their hands, thus narrowing the field and increasing your chances to win a good sized pot.

As can be seen, poker is not just about strategy. There are various traits in addition to playing a fundamentally solid game which are all required if you want to be a winning player.

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