Recreational Player vs Pro Poker Player vs Problem Gambler

We can categorize poker players into 3 types. Identifying which category you belong to is important for determining how you should approach the game as well as the necessary changes that can be made in terms of what you hope to get out of poker.

Recreational players, (the biggest group) they enjoy playing poker now and then. And they have fun while they play, not all of them are so good at poker but they enjoy the game and every now and then they win some money, but most of the time they lose, but that is not a problem for them.

Professional poker players, (the smallest group) they make a living from poker, whether it’s on a full time or part time basis. These guys are really skillful and will not go on “tilt” after some bad beats, because you are probably a good player if you suffer more bad beats than you win bad beats. To become a professional poker player you need to know the game and how to read the people you play against, you also have to have good money management.

Problem players, everyone can become a problem player! These players have problems to control their gambling. This can have negative effect on a lot of other things going on in their life.

#1 Recreational Players

Since the odds are against you, we are really sorry to say this but the most of you will lose money in the long run! So here’s some advice to reduce the losses.

  • keep the stakes small.
  • take full advantage of bonus whoring by playing at different poker sites.
  • play freerolls.
  • if you go on “tilt” get up from the table, go for a walk or something! but don’t play on “tilt” (been there done that)
  • use Neteller/Skrill (Moneybookers) to reduce transaction fees.
  • don’t take your poker to serious!

#2 Professional Poker Players

Sorry, I am not a poker pro. so I can’t help you to become one. But here are some details about how they play.

  • they play at levels where they win money (it’s usually easier to win at lower limit tables)
  • don’t go on “tilt” (but if it happened they would walk away from the table in time)
  • don’t play just because it’s fun, if the odds are against them they do not play.
  • calculate pot odds etc.
  • usually concentrate on one or two games.
  • accept that there will be days when they lose money (no one can win every day, but the pros. win in the long run)

#3 Problem Players

We are sorry but we don’t think this is anything that will go away by itself, you have to promise yourself to really give it a try to get out of this.

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