Poker Chips Sets – The Perfect Gift For Any Poker Player

At one time if the poker player in your life sat down to play a home game of poker with his buddies on a Saturday night; they would probably be happy to just play for cash. There would be crumpled dollar bills, and an odd assortment of change rattling around the table. The widespread increasing popularity of poker brought on by the televised poker games and the easy access to online poker games has created a surge in the retail merchandising of poker gear and poker chip sets being at the top of selling tree!

If you have a poker player in your life, then one of these new poker chip sets is the perfect gift for Christmas. They don’t have to be expensive, with sets of coloured plastic disks in a plastic container being in the budget price range. However, for not much more than that you can buy a nice set of poker chips of a similar weight to those used in casinos, plus one or two packs of cards in a storage box. This usually includes a pair of dice and an rules sheet so is a great gift for any card player, but especially a poker player.

Even if your poker player doesn’t play poker at a land-based casino or cardroom and only plays online, then it’s possible they would still enjoy owning a set of chips. Most poker enthusiasts will tell you there is something great about physically handling poker chips during the heat of battle on the felt. If this is the case, then consider not going for one of the usual poker chips sets, but instead purchasing some chips off eBay or similar auction site where you can put together a nice stack of real casino chips that your poker player can play with when contemplating their next online move.

Poker chips sets have been something of a novelty gift in the past, but as the game continues to increase in popularity they are moving from the novelty gift range into the hobby gift selection, and they are a great Christmas gift to give to friends, partners, or anyone who plays the game.

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