How the Social Media Accounts of Poker Pros Can Improve Your Game

Following the social media accounts of the top, poker-playing pros is a great way to beef up your felt-top skills regardless of whether you play poker online or at in-person games. It doesn’t matter if you’re gambling in New Jersey or New Delhi, the opportunity presented by social media to collect poker insights and step into the psyche of world-class players is not to be missed. But who should you follow and what do they offer to a poker player looking to hone his or her skills? Here’s a look at four of the most active poker pros on social media who also share cool tips and strategies.

Kid Poker Shows His Hand to Followers

Daniel Negreanu has the notable distinction of being one of the top current players on the professional poker circuit and a living legend. With total career earnings north of $34 million, it’s obvious that aspiring poker players can learn a thing or two when Negreanu steps up to the social media mic. And plenty of followers are tuning in. Negreanu boasts a Twitter (@RealKidPoker) following of around 450,000 and another 140,000 on Instagram (@dnegspoker). He’s active on both platforms and often tweets musings on poker, sports and current events several times a day.

But Kid Poker’s most valuable contribution to the poker world via social media is undeniably his YouTube channel. Negreanu’s vlogs on YouTube are pure poker gold as he goes deep with tips, tricks and strategies that will take your game to the next level. This is the place to go if you’re looking for seriously helpful strategies for playing online Texas Hold’em. His channel also features a How to Play series with instructional videos explaining poker variants like 2-7 Triple Draw, Stud 8 or Better and Omaha 8 or Better.

As if all the technical content Kid Poker gives away on YouTube wasn’t enough, he devotes many vlogs to chronicling his travels to high-stakes, poker tournaments in Vegas and around the world. Fans can get a backstage and table-side seat into Negreanu’s crazy, celebrity life as poker’s greatest ambassador and a super hospitable guy. Maybe a late-night talk show lies in the future for Toronto’s favorite son.

Doyle Brunson Teaches from Decades of Experience

At 82, poker legend and 10-time WSOP bracelet winner, Doyle Brunson seems to have more social media savvy than most teenagers. The proud Texan has over 400k loyal followers on Twitter (@TexDolly), and he’s more than happy to engage, often retweeting posts and responding to fan comments. The investigative follower wanting to up his or her poker skills will take notice of photos on Brunson’s Twitter account featuring his poker instructional books “Poker Super System” and “Superstar Poker Strategy” (co-authored with Negreanu and Phil Hellmuth). Both titles are must-reads for any serious poker player, and you’ll do yourself a favor by tracking down copies. Whether by tweet or book, Brunson offers an awesome treasure trove of poker knowledge gleaned during his 50 years as a pro.

Liv Boeree is the Poker Philosopher

Liv Boeree is one of the most successful poker players of the last decade, and a social media maven to boot. She has a flourishing Twitter presence (@liv_boeree) with 124,000 followers and a very engaging blog on her own website. Boeree frequently tweets nuggets of poker wisdom or shares top tips from fellow players and industry sources. Her blog is full of rich poker anecdotes, philosophies on game strategy and stories from her global travels and lifestyle of diverse interests. If you want to learn about how the deep-thinking skills required to master poker can also lead to a life of incredible experience, Boeree is your go-to girl.

The Moneymaker Effect is Still Going Strong

Chris Moneymaker has lived the dream of many amateurs, rising from playing online poker in the USA to becoming a WSOP Main Event winner. He’s also responsible for the “Moneymaker Effect,” which sparked huge public interest in poker and a surge in participation during the early days of televised tournaments. Moneymaker’s Twitter account (@CMONEYMAKER) is a great place to follow his current events as he plays in New Jersey-based online poker tournaments and beyond. Moneymaker is also known for doling out some helpful poker advice along the way.

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