Guide to Common Poker Terms

Poker is one casino game that comes with a whole load of technical terms. While it’s not a prerequisite that you know all terms by head before attempting a game, its advisable (and great also) to just know more than enough so that you won’t look puzzled when you hear a term you haven’t heard before during a game. To help you on this front, this article explains in detail common poker terms. Note that after going through this article, you can always look at this site to put what you have learnt into practice by playing a game of poker.


Whether playing in a land-based casino or online, there is a person called a dealer. A dealer is a person who distributes the cards (normally) at the start of the game. It’s important that you know who the dealer is because the betting action always starts to the left of the dealer.


A hand refers to the set of cards that the player holds (normally structured in a hierarchy). Depending on the poker variation the player is playing, he may start with a hand that consists of three, four or five cards. It’s important to understand what the hand is as it is the hand which determines the winner and the loser when playing poker.


A blind is also known as the partial bet or a forced bet. A blind refers to the bet that is put by one or more players before the dealer distributes the cards. As the immediate person to the left of the dealer is the one who starts betting when playing poker, normally, it is this same person who will put in the blind.


When the dealer distributes the cards in order to start the game, the first player (to the immediate left of the player) will have to take action by making his bet if he has not already placed a blind. Depending on the action taken by the first player which is normally putting in a big blind, the next player is forced to put in a small blind. Thereafter, any action to be taken by the third player in line is referred to as the pre-flop.


After the pre-flop i.e. after the players in the round have taken their decisions, the dealer will be forced to take a flop. A flop is when the dealer reveals his cards (normally three cards but may differ depending on the poker variation). To reveal his cards, the dealer just has to put the cards face up for all players to see.


An ante refers to the money that’s seeded to the pot by players. An ante comes at the beginning of the game and all players have to contribute the same amount of money. It’s not all poker variations however that come with an ante, in some poker variations such as the Hold ‘em, the initial money into the pot comes from the ‘blinds’.

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