Choosing High-Quality Poker Cards For Your Home Game

Whether you love to play Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo, Bridge, Stud, Canasta or any other card game, playing cards is a popular pastime for many people. But you can’t play with just any cards. You’ll want to invest in a set of high-quality poker playing cards. Good playing cards are important for any avid poker player, they’re SO much easier to play with, and there is nothing better than shuffling a new deck of cards. It would be silly trying to save an insignificant amount of money on cheap cards that will inevitably make the experience that much less enjoyable.

The cheap quality playing cards are not very visually appealing, and are made of regular paper, so you’ll be lucky if they last for a few months before they start looking very shabby. If you want your playing cards to last longer, you can buy Copag or KEM cards. Both KEM and Copag brand of playing cards are amongst the top brands in the world. Both are 100% plastic playing cards and offer very similar benefits.

KEM and Copag are highly durable cards and can last you for a long time. They are quite bendable and jump back into shape without leaving a crease. Both KEM and Copag are also quite washable, so if you spill your cola on them it doesn’t mean the end of the card deck. The design on them also fades less easily. Overall, making it difficult for people to identify cards, which is the key for a long lasting deck.

In terms of looks, the print on Copag Playing Cards (Jumbo Index) are less sharp than KEM Playing Cards (Jumbo Index) which are very well defined and wider to make holding them a lot more comfortable. They come in similar designs and there is hardly any difference. Playing with 100% plastic playing cards means they are very smooth and for someone used to playing cards made from paper it can mean some spilling while shuffling the cards before they get used to it. Although many prefer the smooth finish and feel and the ease of dealing, a little amount of roughness is desirable. In this regard Copag playing cards are a bit rougher and feel more like paper cards than KEM playing cards.

You can buy Copag Playing Cards for around $7.5/deck which comes out to be cheaper than KEM Plastic Playing Cards which you can buy for around $12.5/deck. As of now, KEM playing cards made by the United States Playing Card Company are more popular and well known than Copag playing cards. However, you will find many card enthusiasts (including poker professionals) vouching for the superiority of the Copag brand over KEM.

Overall there is little to choose between them for a casual player. And indeed if you play very occasionally (less than once per week) or really don’t care about marked cards that much then save yourself some money and buy a cheaper brand of playing cards. If not, the only way to decide is to actually use both cards and decide based on preferences.

But when all is said and done, although buying playing cards to play in home games is great, sometimes nothing beats the thrill of playing at the best poker sites online. If you are looking for a good poker site to play on you should take a look at, as it has a solid list of poker room options, plus other useful online poker information. It can be a lot more fun taking money off of strangers, and you can play in higher stakes tournaments or cash games then you would normally if you’re used to only playing in small home games.

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