Advantages of Playing Online Poker

The majority of online poker rooms cater to players from all around the world, so they are available 24/7 and there is a sufficient level of traffic to guarantee traffic around the clock. So you can play any of your favorite variants of poker and when you want to.

Of course, favourites such as Hold’em, Omaha, and 7-Card Stud are all available, but you will also find variations like Triple Draw, 5 Card Draw or Razz, should you be looking to mix things up a bit. You can play in regular full ring games, 6-max games, heads-up games, multi-table tournaments, sit & go’s, or private games. Play at the free-to-play tables, or at the micro-stakes that can be played for real money from as low as $0.01/$0.02, or for thousands of dollars at the ultra high-stakes nosebleed games.

Remember there’s no travel time, travel or accommodation expenses you have to worry about nor do you have to provide dealers tips. Basically anyone with an internet connection who has an account with an online poker website can get a quick poker fix at anytime in the comfort of their own home or even on the go using a variety of compatible mobile devices (smartphones/tablets).

As online poker rooms don’t have the overheads of a brick-and-mortar casino, this allows them to generally charge much lower rake usually around 5% (as opposed to 10% of B&M venues), which is capped. It is the same reason why they are able to offer very attractive bonuses and promotions. All online poker rooms offer some form of deposit bonus to attract new players, since without a constant stream of new players the poker site would quickly run out of games to offer their player base.

Unlike brick-and-mortar poker rooms, new depositing players are eligible to receive welcome bonuses, which are paid to you upon making the first deposit into your account. These bonuses are usually 100% matched, which basically means your initial deposit is doubled. So, if you were to deposit $600, you’d be able to receive a $600 bonus once you’ve met the terms and conditions of the bonus offer.

Another popular bonus offered to new players is the exclusive new depositor freerolls, which are available to those who have just recently made their first deposit, and they automatically receive tournament tokens to enter these. The fields for these freeroll tournaments are much smaller making them a lot easier to win.

All online poker rooms offer free money games, so you can play poker for free online with no need to deposit any real money. These games use the same software and graphics as the real money games and are good for evaluating each online poker room before deciding to deposit. You can enjoy the free money poker action for as long as you like without being pressured to deposit your hard-earned money, so you have a stress-free environment to hone your poker skills or simply donk around for bit of fun.

Of course, there are an abundance of micro-stakes games on offer in both the ring game and tournament tabs in the games lobby. Pretty much every online poker rooms offers micro-limit games where only a few dollars are at stake. In these low stakes games, a player can buy-in to a ring game with just $2. This is a great opportunity for novices to play in a competitive online poker playing environment without risking a lot of money.

Beginners can learn the game knowing their mistakes are not going to be extremely costly and without the intimidation of face-to-face encounters. It is a big reason as to why the online poker playing population is made up of a significant number of women poker players, as they likely feel more comfortable playing poker in all its various formats online.

Not only is playing poker less intimidating on the internet, it also helps you to play a more aggressive style of poker, which is so important if you want to do well in this game. For instance, if you find yourself in a good position to bluff against a certain type of opponent, simply click the bet button, without having to worry about hiding any physical tells you don’t even realize because you are betting with nothing.

So, as you can see from reading this article there are a multitude of reasons for playing at online poker sites. They offer micro-stakes online poker games, as well as lots of awesome bonuses, lower rake, and multi-tabling is an effortless option (which is not possible playing live poker) that allows grinders to improve their profits since you can play more hands.

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