A Guide to Short Stack Poker

Just because you don’t have the safety net of a full, healthy stack of chips is no reason to lose your cool. In fact, your concentration and undivided attention are even more important when you are playing with a short stack, so you’ll want to make sure you’re watching the game carefully. If you already have poker strategies that you use, look for ways to alter them that suit the needs or requirements of this particular game and your short stack of chips. Pay careful attention for any moments when you can move all in and do not make calls for hands that are not strong. Even if you are not usually someone who plays the game very “safely,” you will want to be in this circumstance. Remember, when you’ve got a short stack, every move counts immensely, and you’ll want to make the best of each and every one.

You should always, always push whenever you find yourself alone in the pot with a great hand. These opportunities may not come around often, so you’ll want to seize them when they do. If you do this correctly, you can steal the blinds and keep adding chips to your stack, but that won’ t happen if you don’t go for it. Going all in can seem scary, but it’s the only way to win at short stack poker.

Be careful about when you push as well. Carefully observing the table or online room you are playing in, as well as the people in that room, can give you a good idea of what you need to do. In general, tighter tables will warrant pushing in the early position, while looser tables are a good indication you should avoid pushing in early unless you have a strong hand.

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