What is a Prop Poker Player?

Prop poker players. You may have heard of them from a friend or you may have overheard it from casino managers. If you don’t know what they are, don’t be afraid – they’re players, just like you. Read on and discover what they really are.

A prop player starts or rejuvenates poker games and is essentially, a plant from the casino itself. The number of games a prop poker player plays can range from one to twenty, depending on the mood of the day and the time. In the morning, they start the games and are always required to leave one seat open for players. Sometimes, all the players at a table are prop players. This is especially true in the morning, when there are hardly any players. If players arrive, the props attempt to leave one a time, to offer room for the players. The most notable part of being a prop player is that while they are paid by the hour, often times the players use their own money.

As with anything in life, there are pros and cons. An obvious advantage is the ability to improve their game. Practice makes perfect and these players get all the practice, sometimes with little risk to their “bankroll”. Another pro would be that prop poker players essentially get paid to do something that they presumably at least enjoy. A major con however is that a player cannot completely control what game they’re in. They may be in a game where the players are nice and the cards are rolling in just the right way, but it’s a job and theirs is to start up or keep games going. If a table is in danger of breaking, the prop player is brought in for a shot of action.

The job of prop player also has requirements of its own. Many props work the full forty hour workweek like anyone else. A rudimentary understanding of various poker games is necessary, as they never know when a weak table will show up. The prop player also comes out on online games, but they can be paid differently.

End of the day, it’s a nice enough job and something that requires skill, like any other job. Being a prop poker player can be exceedingly rewarding if you’re good at it and if you’re just another player, treat these prop players with respect. Their money is as good as yours and chances are, they’re better than you. After all, poker is their job.

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