The Most Commonly Played Online Poker Games

In the world today, there are many types of poker games. There are poker games, which are played regularly while others are not common. Surprisingly only the common ones are on the online sites. Poker games take several forms: tournaments, cash games, and the speed poker format online. In other instances, they can be classified by their betting limits. The number of people playing poker online has increased significantly due to technological advancement.

Here are some of the most popular types of online poker games:


This online and live poker game attracts a lot of action. Many players prefer this type. There are two common formats of this poker game, Omaha Hi and Omaha Hi/Lo.

Texas Hold’em

This is world’s number one poker game. There is no poker site without this poker game. It is also considered as the main game during cash awards and tournaments. It is simple and easy to understand. However, mastering the game may require much concentration and zeal. You can make a lot of money within a very short time by playing No Limit Texas Hold’em. In this game, your competitor is the other online player. Whether you win or not, the casino does not mind because they get money from the rake they charge. The game is popular in the 6-Max format online or full ring format (9-10 live players).


This type of poker has its fair share of rules, though it’s quite different to Texas Hold’em and Omaha in that the worst hand wins. It requires the best Ace to Five low poker hand to win. In this game, you only use the cards allocated (there are no community cards.)

Speed Poker

If you prefer a faster-paced poker game, you should try Speed Poker, which is offered in both Omaha and Texas Hold’em variants. It involves many players who move from table to table after every hand as opposed to sitting around one table. Players keep on changing the table.

Betting limits

Some poker games are classified on the limits set per particular game. Consider the following betting limits:

  • No Limit – No limits on bet or raise
  • Pot Limit – Hybrid for no limits and fixed limits
  • Cap Limit – There is a limit on the money to use during hand
  • Fixed Limit – There is a limit on your bet or stake
  • Spread Limit – These have qualities similar to those of fixed limit

Cash game and tournament format

Apart from other formats of poker games, there is the tournament and cash game poker. In the cash game format, the winner gets the entire amount in the pot. You are allowed to take your won cash once you leave the table. If you lose, you can also continue by buying in for more cash.

In the tournament format, you will be charged an entry fee, which is the same to all competitors. You receive the same number of chips. Once you lose all your chips, you are eliminated. The winner takes all the chips in the pot.

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