How to Sign up for an Online Poker Account

This begins a series of how to guides for beginners covering the basics and trying to make you feel more comfortable if you are new to the online poker world.

How to sign up for a poker account is the best place to start because you won’t be able to play online poker cash games and tournaments if you don’t have an account with a poker room. Fear not, the process is not at all complicated and is very quick which means you’ll be off and playing poker online in no time.

Register your Details for an Online Poker Account

The first page or set of pages you will have to deal with is where you will need your personal information. Personal information includes things such as your date of birth, to check it’s legal for you to play, your address as a correspondence and some contact details in the way of a phone number or an e-mail address.

You will also be asked to create a username and a password which will be unique to you and your account. Your username can be entirely unique to you and you can have any name you like so long as it hasn’t already been taken. Your password needs to be something you can easily remember but secure enough to keep your details safe.
The best tip for creating a password is to be totally random and not link it in any way to yourself or your life.

Example of the Titan Poker registration screen

Registering a Deposit Method to Play Online Poker

Most poker rooms will ask you to register a deposit method which is how you are going to fund your account. You need to do this otherwise you won’t be able to put money in for you to use. Regardless of whether you are applying for a match deposit bonus or a no deposit bonus, this is a step that you will have to do.

Don’t worry about being paranoid when it comes to finances, there is no harm in this and safety first is always the best option. Rest assured that most poker rooms now use encryption software which will scramble the details of any financial transactions you make so that the information cannot be stolen or misused.

So signing up for an online poker account can be covered in three steps; find the right poker room and welcome bonus, submit some basic personal details and register a deposit method before making a deposit.

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