Is No More was originally launched in 2000 and quickly became one of the top sources for poker information on the Internet. But fifteen years later, the site is no longer online after changing ownership and officially closing down, much to the dismay of poker fans from around the globe.

The site provided an overwhelming amount of information on poker rules and strategy, news, interviews, player profiles and book reviews, but perhaps one of the most important aspects of the site was the extensive tournament results that were published for both American and European tournaments going back as far as the 1970s. However, due to challenging years in the poker industry, had fallen on hard times, and were forced to shutdown while keeping the site online in the hopes of attracting a buyer.

In October 2009, this update was published on their website:

For many years Poker Pages has enjoyed providing the best source of poker related content, arguably the Internet’s largest and most complete live poker tournament results and listings database, as well as a place to play poker for free. These services will certainly be missed, but we realize that the most appreciated benefit of our products and services has been the community created by our user base. We thank you for the many great years you allowed us to provide you with the best poker content on the Internet and wish you all the best in your future poker endeavors. It has been a pleasure and a privilege serving you over the years!

-Poker Pages Management

The site was sold to PokerStars that same year, who had went on a spending spree, acquiring three of the most popular poker information sites ( and were the other two sites they purchased, with probably being the most well-known of the lot).

Following the PokerStars purchase, the design of the site changed to a blue color scheme (pictured above), and the only banners you would see directed you to PokerStars. The site continued to be updated, at least up until recently, by the same group of freelancers who write for the PokerStars Blog.

But if you visit now, you can no longer access the website in your browser. When you go to the URL, you’ll see that it redirects to Full Tilt (which of course was also acquired by PokerStars). The Global Poker Index and HendonMob purchased the PokerPages database for an undisclosed sum of money, so if there’s one good thing to come from this, it’s that all the tournament content has not been lost forever.

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