iPoker Network Launches Six Plus Hold’em

ipoker-six-plus-holdemAre you getting tired of playing No Limit Hold’em and looking for a new poker game to play? Six Plus Hold’em is a an exciting variation of Texas Hold’em that was recently launched on the iPoker Network, and if it’s successful, you can be sure this new poker variant will become available at other online poker sites. It is the first significant poker variant to be introduced to online poker sites since Open-Face Chinese Poker (OFCP) a few years ago.

So what are the rules of Six Plus Hold’em?

The only difference between Texas Hold’em and Six Plus Hold’em is the number of cards used in the game. The new action-packed poker game from Macau removes all the deuces, treys, fours and fives from a standard deck, leaving 36 cards, six through ace, hence the name “Six Plus Hold’em”. In other words, it is “short deck poker”.

All of our readers should be familiar with the standard poker hand rankings. In Six Plus Hold’em they are slightly different to account for the removal of some cards.

Six Plus Hold’em Hand Rankings

  • Royal flush
  • Straight flush
  • Four of a kind
  • Flush
  • Full House
  • Three of a kind
  • Straight
  • Two pair
  • A pair
  • High card

As you can see from the hand rankings above, a three-of-a-kind beats a straight, and a flush now beats a full house. Removing 2s, 3s, 4s and 5s changes the frequency of getting straights, flushes and three-of-a-kind (trips) in your hand.

In saying that, due to the removal of certain cards, flush draws actually have less value than straight draws in 6 Plus Hold’em (as explained in the video below), since there is only 9 cards of each suit. An Ace can still make a low straight (commonly known as a “wheel”) – but the lowest possible straight is A-6-7-8-9. High straights remain unchanged.

High stakes pros Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan can be seen promoting Six Plus Hold’em in an interview on the Asia Gaming Fans YouTube channel. Both players have been known to play high stakes cash games in Macau.

Why is it good that Six Plus Hold’em has been introduced?

Well, it’s simpler to play than Omaha, which in turn could attract more recreational players who are looking to play something other than regular No Limit Hold’em. It is also an all action game, which is awesome news if you’re looking for a fun game to play.

Since this new poker game has just been introduced at several iPoker skins, a lot of players will be playing Six Plus Hold’em for the first time, and hence won’t be very good. Just like was the case when OFCP got released. When players don’t even understand the rules, this can present opportunities that you can exploit to really increase your bankroll rapidly.

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