Full Tilt Poker Given the Green Light on Steam

Steam-Full-Tilt-PokerSteam will soon be hosting free-to-play Full Tilt Poker games on their platform. The popular online poker brand will be accessible in Valve’s Steam client by the year’s end, the first major online poker room to manage this feat.

The game was given the green light by the community this month. In October, Steam conducted a survey, allowing gamers to vote to bring the Full Tilt Poker .net experience to Steam as part of their Greenlight program.

If the game received enough votes it will be distributed for PC on Steam, and it had reached that goal after a month of voting. It would have been extremely important for Full Tilt Poker to get the nod from Steam. According to Pokerscout.com, Full Tilt’s cash game traffic has been declining rapidly.

There are now over 125 million active Steam accounts, so tons of new players will be introduced to the site. It is also fairly common knowledge that a lot of gamers like to play poker. Full Tilt will be hoping they will be able to turn some of these newly acquired Steam-based players into real-money players.

Of course, being the .net version of Full Tilt, it doesn’t allow you to play the real money games offered in their regular downloadable client, but it’s a step in the right direction for online poker in general.

Steam players can expect exactly the same online poker experience as found in the regular Full Tilt online poker platform, including all the cool animated avatars that reflect your mood, as well as all the action-packed poker variants. It provides a great introduction to online poker for brand new players who are looking to size up their opponents on the virtual felt.

There’s already popular poker games on Steam like Poker Night at the Inventory and Poker Night at the Inventory 2, and even though the character dialogue is humorous, these games are single-player only, it has the player playing against the four main characters.

If the version of Full Tilt Poker on Steam proves to be a hit with players, then you’d have to think they would be looking to get their games on the PS4 and Xbox One.

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