Squeeze Play

The term “squeeze” refers to putting someone or something under pressure. In poker, a squeeze play is a bluffing opportunity that presents itself after a player previously raised and at least one other has called. To squeeze you would put in a big re-raise or three-bet, which can be very effective against loose aggressive players (LAGs) as the chances are they likely don’t have a hand they can call with, allowing you take down the pot before the flop a lot of the time.

EXAMPLE “A player open raised to $ 4 from UTG+1 and another player calls from the CO. Based on my assessment of the UTG and CO players, holding pocket queens in the SB I decide to squeeze raise to $20.”

The Squeeze play can be used in both tournaments and cash games although it must be a big bet game like no limit hold’em or pot limit omaha cause in limit games you can’t raise big enough to expect the players to fold.

Watch Dan Harrington’s Squeeze Play at WSOP 2004 below.

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