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Blind Versus Blind.

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A poker hand which refers to a specific type of Three of a Kind. In Texas Hold'em, a set is when a card on the board matches one of the player's hole cards when they have a pocket pair.

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Garbage Hand

A poor hand consisting of unmatched and unsuited cards, which is unlikely to win the pot at showdown.

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Open Raise

This poker term means to open the betting by coming in with a raise.

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Chat Box

In online poker, the chat box is a designated area usually located at the bottom left or right of the screen, which enables you to communicate with other players at your table.

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Shootout tournaments are different from traditional ones in that they consist of several rounds of single-table tournaments in which the winners of each table move on to the next round.

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A term used to describe the amount of money the player is restricted to buying in with in a poker game.

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No Deposit Bonus

A form of online poker bonus which is basically free money given away by the online poker site.

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A "cap" is a limit on the amount of bets and raises that is allowed in a betting round.

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Five of a Kind

Poker hand that contains five cards of all one rank. For example, 4 sevens and 1 Joker, which is possible while playing Pai Gow Poker with the use of the Joker.

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