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Middle Position

At a poker table, the fourth to seventh positions to the left of the button is called middle position.

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Stands for Random Number Generator.

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Big Pair

The term 'Big Pairs' refers to the pre-flop starting hand in Texas Hold'em, which are the two hole cards that are dealt to each player. A big pair is generally considered any pair higher than 10-10.

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Baby Flush

A 'Baby Flush' is a lower valued flush, that has the potential to be beaten by a bigger flush.

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Omaha Hi/Lo

Omaha Hi/Lo is a "split pot" variant of the increasingly popular Omaha Poker.

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The Cutoff (CO) refers to a position at the table. It is one spot to the right of the Button (BTN).

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The player who makes the first bet in any given betting round.

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Blind Versus Blind.

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A poker hand which refers to a specific type of Three of a Kind. In Texas Hold'em, a set is when a card on the board matches one of the player's hole cards when they have a pocket pair.

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Garbage Hand

A poor hand consisting of unmatched and unsuited cards, which is unlikely to win the pot at showdown.

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