In a poker tournament with a guaranteed prize pool, when the number of registered players can not reach the guaranteed amount, sometimes there is an overlay. This kind of guarantee type overlay tournament is seen as being advantageous for the player, as the times the tournament doesn’t get the necessary number of entrants to cover for the guarantee, money is added to the prize pool by the poker site to make up for the difference. There will be fewer entrants to beat, increasing the chances you can win the tournament with the same prize money for the places that pay out a prize.

EXAMPLE “$10+$1 buy-in tourney with $1,000 guaranteed but only 80 players registered, there is an overlay of $200.”

Another example of an overlay is added money tournaments. As an example; there is $500 added (overlay). This means the poker room will add $500 to the prize pool for players. This is different from guaranteed tournaments that sometimes attract an overlay because the poker room always adds money to the prize pool even when the necessary number of players have registered.

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