Popular in Europe for years, Omaha is a form of community card poker whereby four cards are given to all players face down and five community cards are shared among all the Omaha players.

Most commonly played in Pot Limit format, each Omaha player combines three community cards with two of the four hole cards. This is an important difference to Texas Hold’em where the whole board can be the winning hand, otherwise known as “playing the board”.

Omaha poker is rapidly gaining fans worldwide and now sits comfortably as the second-most played poker variation in the world in the last few years.

This game is very popular with poker players for a couple of reasons: there’s a natural similarity in the rules to Texas Hold’em, making Omaha easy to learn for Hold’em players.

There’s also the game’s all-out action. Unlike Hold’em, Omaha players can play more hands since there are more ways to connect with the flop, so players will stick around to see how the community cards improve their starting hands.

For a more detailed explanation on how to play Omaha Poker, please read the full rules here.

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