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A term used to describe a poker game played amongst friends where the players take turns dealing and is generally supposed to be a good time. Can also be used to describe any game played in someone’s home. Taking a seat at a home poker game, means you agree you abide by the rules of that game.

EXAMPLE “I got my start by playing in home games with a few friends, and then progressed to online poker.”

Although the term typically refers to live home poker games in your local area, online poker players can invite friends to play in their very own private online poker games, which is a great alternative to hosting your own poker tournament at home.

PokerStars, the world’s largest online poker site, introduced PokerStars Home Games. With Home Games, the organizers of the private poker clubs can invite their own friends and colleagues and play against each other.

If you hold a regular Texas Hold’em poker tournament, you should use this Poker Leaderboard Software. The software is free to use and is designed for poker leagues and home games as it manages your home poker tournaments, player standings/points, and displays it all in the form of a poker leaderboard, which is shown on poker-leaderboard.com and can be used on your own league website.

Want to play in a home game, but don’t know of any home games in and around your area? Any website that allows you to advertise your own poker home games is a great place to look for a game: i.e. meetup.com, craiglist.org and gumtree.com.

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