From Live Poker to Jackpot Slots: Getting Started with Online Casinos

If you’ve been playing and enjoying online poker games, it might be time to start exploring the broader world of online casinos. The iGaming industry is massive, and right now, there are hundreds of different types of casino games to play in regulated markets, ranging from live-streamed poker games to million-dollar jackpot slots. Click here now to discover the latest online slots. Before you take your first spin of the wheel, take a quick look at this guide to getting started with online casinos.

The Games

As an online player, you’ll have plenty of choices when it comes to the different types of games you can play. You’ll typically find the following games in most licensed online casinos:

  • Baccarat
  • Bingo
  • Blackjack
  • Caribbean Stud Poker
  • Craps
  • Hi and Lo
  • Live Poker
  • Pai Gow Poker
  • Roulette
  • Scratch Cards
  • Slots
  • Texas Hold‘em Poker
  • Video Poker

However, each casino will have its unique take on the game. Over on the PokerStars platform, for example, you’ll find games like Unfold Hold‘em Poker and Power Up, which offer exciting variations on classic poker games. Live-streamed poker games are commonplace at most online casinos as well as live-streamed roulette and in some cases, live streamed-blackjack.

As far as other casino games available to play online go, gaming manufacturers like to push the boat out in this industry and develop games that are visually and aurally engaging as well as offering real money prizes. For this reason, Progressive Jackpot slots stand out as games that any budding casino enthusiast should try. These games with incrementally increasing jackpots can sometimes reach the millions.

How to Play

There are two ways that you can play casino games online: through instant online platforms and downloadable software. In the early days of the iGaming industry, you could download casino software right onto a desktop. However, these days, you can download an app for mobile devices. Many individual casino games are downloadable as separate apps, but most of the leading platforms have mobile casinos that you can install if you want more variety at your fingertips on the go. Web-based platforms, on the other hand, offer instant play once you register an account on the website of the casino where you want to play.

Many online casino platforms also offer exclusive bonus codes for things like free slots spins, welcome bonuses and more. These bonus codes are an excellent way to test the waters with different types of games than you’re used to, especially since they are for the most part low-risk and have a simple sign-up process.

Making Deposits

Once you’ve signed up for an account, you’ll want to make a deposit. Each online casino will have an accepted list of deposit and withdrawal methods, but the following come standard:

  • Credit or Debit Card
  • Bank Wire Transfer
  • Western Union
  • PayPal

Some casinos are also branching out into accepting deposits made with popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, but this isn’t the case across the board, so make sure you read up on the methods used by your preferred online platform.

You should also bear in mind that using more unusual deposit methods, such as e-wallets like NETELLER or Skrill, can sometimes incur extra charges. Certain credit card providers will also treat payments made to online casinos as cash advances, so debit cards are often the best method to make deposits, especially since transactions typically post fast, and there are no additional cash advance fees that the provider charges.

The Rules

Once you’ve made your deposit and have a bankroll to play, explore as many or as few of the games on offer in your chosen casino as you wish! If you’ve played online poker before, then this will be familiar territory for you, but for anyone new to online gaming should always read the casino rules before laying down any cash in a game. Even though the platforms may be available in U.S. markets, many online casino operators prefer to use European rules for some games, so prepare yourself for any differences that something like this may cause in your gaming strategy.

Pro Tips

To get the most out of your online gaming experience, here are some pro tips to keep in mind:

  • When selecting an online casino to play in for the long-term, consider whether it meets the following criteria: Are there sign-up bonuses? Are the rules laid out clearly across the site? How much are the transaction fees? Does the casino provide customer support (email, telephone, live chat, etc.)?
  • If you’re going to play regularly, keep your bankroll going and don’t cash out. Cashing out will typically involve converting your chips to cash, and then crediting them back to the card you made the deposit (up to the initial deposit amount). However, when you start generating wins and cash out a net win, the casino will send them by another way.
  • Check out who provides the software for your chosen casino. If it’s a company known for innovation like NetEnt or Play’n GO, then you can assume that there’ll be a consistent stream of new and exciting games to play.
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