Complete Guide to Online Keno

kenoEver played keno? It is a lottery-style game where you have to pick numbers to match your keno card. In this guide, we will try to explain a bit more about how to play keno games online, although it must be said it doesn’t differ from regular keno all that much.

Keno is a game that appeals to a different type of gambler than blackjack or baccarat because its rules are simple and it’s a fast paced game. You don’t need to take on a crash course in probability and statistics, or even to learn about the intricacies of keno’s history to know how to play keno games. But like any other game found at a casino, you need to know the rules and understand some basic terms.

How to Play Online Keno

When you purchase your keno ticket, the card will feature numbers one through eighty. You decide how much money you want to bet, how many games you would like to play, how many numbers you wish to bet, and then start clicking on the numbers you would like to play. The numbers will then change color to indicate you’ve chosen them, and you can click on them again to deselect them if you change your mind. If you see terms like “Spot 5” or “Spot 10” , it simply means you’re playing a keno card with 5 or 10 numbers respectively. A group of twenty numbers will be randomly drawn by an RNG. Then, just sit back and wait for your lucky numbers to appear to win!

Keno at Online Casinos

You will find many online casinos offering keno games. They will have slightly different versions but the game and betting strategies always remain the same. Pick online keno games that offer high return to player (RTP) payouts and large progressive jackpots. Although if you’re only playing 5 numbers you won’t be eligible for the jackpot. It is true that the RTP of online keno is higher than their land-based counterparts, but it also differs from one online casino to the next, so choose the online keno game wisely.

One of the huge advantages of playing keno games online is that the time between games isn’t very long, so you get to play more games in a short period of time. Additionally, most online keno games will allow the player to play up to 10 games at a time, which will keep the same numbers. Most keno games online will allow you to play for as little as $1, regardless of how many numbers you’ve selected.

Online Keno Strategies

Of course, there’s always room for improvement when a player is trying to maximize their chances of winning when playing keno – which is why we suggest playing online keno games with a lower house edge.

Furthermore, the payout rate is based on the numbers you can correctly guess. Experienced players never play more than 5 or 6 numbers, because the chances of picking more numbers are very slim. Sure, you’ll be in for a huge payday if you happen to pick more numbers and they come up, but you have to be realistic about your winning chances. Having more money in your pocket than what you started the night with is a success in my book.

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